Vintage Photo: 1950 Pontiac Streamliner 8 Highway Patrol Car – A Chevy With A Straight Eight Under Its Longer Hood

We’ve done several posts on the Chevy Fleetline fastbacks, but never on the Pontiac version, dubbed “Streamliner”, appropriately enough. They shared their GM A-Body from the cowl back, but the Pontiac had a longer nose to make room for its venerable straight eight, a flathead unit that dated back to the early 1930s.

As to it being “The World’s Finest Straight Eight”, that’s a bit hyperbolic, as the Packard and Buick straight eights would like to suggest otherwise, never mind some exotic Europeans.

The Pontiac eight had 268.4 cubic inches and was rated at at 108 or 113 hp in 1950, presumably depending on whether it was teamed with the standard three speed manual or the optional Hydramatic; there was also a 239.2 cubic inch flathead six rated at 90 or 93 hp. As a point of comparison, the 1950 Chevrolet’s 235 ohv six had 105 hp when teamed with Powerglide; the standard 216 six was rated at 92 hp. No wonder Chevy outsold Pontiac by more than three-to-one at the time.

But that longer hood had to be worth the extra money for looks alone…