Vintage Photo: 1960 Dodge Matador 2-Door Hardtop Police Car – D500 Ram Induction Equipped?

Looks like the Missouri State Police is checking out their new 1960 Dodge Matador, a fine looking two-door hardtop at that. For some reason, highway patrols had a big thing about long wheelbases, as in the 122″ the big Dodges had. So they happily spent the extra money instead of on the 118″ Dart or other full-size cars with less than 122″.

The big question is: what’s under the hood. The Matador came standard with a 295 hp 361, but there were two 383s optional; a 325 hp version with a single four barrel carb, and the D500 Ram Induction version with 330 hp. Let’s see what those looked like:

Pretty wild looking, eh? But its important to note that those long intake runners boosted mid-range power, not the top end. For that, you’d want short runners, like used on the 426 Max Wedge engine.

I remember the first time I saw one of these Ram Induction engines as a kid at a dealership; it left a lasting impression. Next to Chevy’s fuel injection, this was the coolest induction system. Quite the contrast to the flathead six they were still selling one year earlier.