Vintage Photo: A Bigger Smile for a Better Dodge

Paul’s post of about a week ago showed a quartet Dodge dealers doomed to a third model year’s beating. Look at their posture and their faces—plainly they know they’re hosed, no matter the actual merits of the incoming ’59 cars. Those “Swept View Windshield” and “Full Time Power Steering” banners stood no chance versus the lousy reputation created by the ’57s and ’58s.

The man in today’s pic, taken somewhere in Idaho, looks a lot more chipper. Just look at that 225-cubic-inch smile on this salesman’s face as he presents the features of a brand-new 1962 Dodge Lancer GT, probably a red one. The Valiant-Lancer range was getting wide acclaim; its design and size were quite a bit less rejected than that of the B-body Darts and Polaras, and there was a long list of real engineering and durability improvements over the ’61 Lancer. So this guy had plenty to talk happily about—or at least he had a well-practised game face on.

Click the pic for a much larger view, and we see there was still room and need, though, for Chrysler’s massive build-quality improvements of 1963; the front bumper of the feature car doesn’t appear to be properly level to the body.

Donno why all these Lancers are parked under all that Dodge Truck propaganda, but I’d surely like to have that neon Forward-Look sign we see in the upper right corner below that, uh, birdcage-lookin’ thing. And that Kentile floor is the most!