Vintage Photo: Kittatinny Mountain Tunnel, Pennsylvania Turnpike, Circa 1950

This photo caught my attention, as I’d forgotten that the four-lane Pennsylvania Turnpike had two-lane tunnels for some time before the second bores were made. This is a shot of the traffic warden at Kittatinny Mountain, one of the original seven tunnels. A Dodge truck carrier is hauling a load of Chrysler product cars, and the convertible going the other direction looks like it might have just come off that truck.

I seem to remember one or more of these on our fateful trip to New York in 1964 in our Fairlane. And I have a perfectly vivid mental image of a ’63 or ’64 Buick Riviera passing us with considerable speed once the road widened to four lanes. Why couldn’t we have been riding in one? Never mind; it’s not like it was much roomier than the Fairlane, but it sure was a hell of a lot more stylish, and faster too.