Vintage Photos: A Drive Down The Sunset Strip, 1966, Part 2. – More Exotics This Time

Part 1 was just the warm-up act to Ed Ruscha’s drives up and down Sunset Boulevard. I find these very engrossing, so here’s the second of three parts from 1966, which will be followed by 1973, and 1985, so hang in there with me. This time he shot both sides of a segment of the strip further west than last time. Our trip heading east starts near Doheny and ends near Fairfax, covering a big chunk of what is the classic “Strip”, including the Whiskey A Go-Go and a few other iconic night spots.

This shot at the top is out of sequence, but it’s one of my favorites of this set. A hard-working El Camino framed by two Mercedes, including a rather rare 220SE coupe. Says it all.

Note: Ruscha did the shooting in two passes, so you will often see the same spot twice, but with different cars.

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