Vintage Photos: Norwegian Blues (Part 1: Solo Cars)

0. 1950 Chevrolet Custom coupe


(first posted 2/24/2017)    These lovely snaps come from the VW Vortex forum, which has a near 500-page thread of vintage car pics. They were posted by an Oslo-based member under the pseudonym Galrot. What I particularly like about these is how eclectic they are. In countries with no national automaker(s), that’s to be expected.

I did not edit, crop or comment on these pics, save to indicate what I think the cars are and my best guess as to their model year. I trust the CCommentariat will point out any mistakes and rectify my many approximations. These are posted in no particular order.


1. 1958 Chevrolet Delivery 2-door Wagon


2. Willys Jeep Station Wagon (1950-ish?)


3. 1957-58 Vauxhall Victor F Series


4. 1955 Panhard Dyna Z


5. 1946 Chevrolet Suburban


6. Tempo Vidal G1200 (1939-ish)


7. 1961 Ford Country Sedan


8. 1964 Siata 1500 TS coupé


9. BMW 2000 (1966-69)


10. 1958 Chevrolet Station Wagon


11. Simca Aronde (1956-58)


12. 1947-48 Buick Super sedan


13. GAZ M-20 Pobieda (1950-ish?)


14. Simca Vedette Chambord (1958-61)


15. 1956 Lincoln Capri (or is it a Premiere?) sedan


16. 1953 Ford


It seems like there were a lot of Chevys and (for some reason) Simcas in Norway, 50-60 years ago. What would you pick to go see the fjords?

Tomorrow, we’ll go on a trip through the country and have a look at roads and streets, with a more copious selection of old metal.


Update by PN: here’s a fascinating documentary on American car culture in Norway in 1965 left by a commenter. No subtitles; just skip through the talking parts. It give a great insight as to how pervasive American car culture was in Europe already at the time.