Vintage Photos: Norwegian Woods (Part 2: Group Pics)

(first posted 2/25/2017)   More lovely vintage pics from Norway found on VW Vortex. Here, we have some interesting street and road snaps, which I think all more or less date back to 1960. Can anyone ID the pre-war cars in this picture? You have three minutes… tick-tock, tick-tock…


1. We start our journey in Dombås. No, I’m not kidding about the name. Nice to see a Standard Vanguard out in the wild. Let’s take a trip through Norway and see what’s happening there.


2. Not too many folks out and about… Big country, but only 3.5 million inhabitants in 1960.


3. This town looks very quiet indeed. Just the odd V8 burbling on the street. Still, kinda Dodgy.


4. Wow, there’s just no one around here! Just a Nash and something that looks like a BMW 327? Let’s hit the road, there’s got to be a bit more action someplace else. I’m pining for something, but I’m not sure what it is…


5. OK, now we’re going somewhere… Ferry good…


6. Let’s just squeeze past these good people. Those mountain roads are a bit on the narrow side for caravans.


7. Woah! It’s bloody freezing up here! Let’s go back down to the plains.


8. What the…? Keep going, keep going. Don’t make eye contact.


9. A-ha!

Dual carriageway. Now we’re finally approaching a city.


10. Wrong part of town, or just a Simca dealership?


11. Oh, and now it’s a Dodgy garage (enough with that “joke” already!) The Pentastar reigns supreme here…


12. People! Norwegians! Finally, this is getting interesting.


13. Tram tracks, cobblestones, small shops and old buildings… This is downtown, European style.


14. And as luck would have it, there’s a classic car show going on! Classic for 1960, that is…


15. Though when you see a photo like this one, it seems the classic car show was really in the street.


16. Shame more of these weren’t in colour. You can really see how outlandish that red and white Buick is in these surroundings.


17. Can’t leave without paying a visit to King Olaf’s Palace. Would you gentlemen please scoot over so we can look at the royal cars? No?


18. Last one, which sums up Norwegian traffic 55-odd years ago pretty well: a very nice pick’n’mix of American and European cars, heavy on the Chevy with a healthy helping of Swedes (as one would expect).


Well done, Norway! You had a world of cars to buy, and you bought a little bit of everything, though Italian cars didn’t seem to be your bag.