Vintage PR Photo: 1954 Buick Wildcat – With Stationary Front Wheel Air Intake Scoops For The Brakes

Those big finned Buick drum brakes with little airscoops on the backing plates on the ’32 Coupe here yesterday are a testament that Buick was noted for its cultivation of high-capacity drum brakes. And how better to show that off than with non-rotating big air scoops on their Motorama-mobile for 1954, the Wildcat?

Here’s a closer look at that front wheel. Pretty bizarre, but than that was the point of these GM Motorama cars.

The ’54 edition of the Wildcat wasn’t the first to sport these; here’s the ’53 Wildcat I with slightly less obvious scoops.

Apparently the scoops didn’t exactly wow the audiences enough, so the Wildcat II was remodeled with wire wheels and a few other changes.