Vintage PR Shot: Anita Ekberg And Her DKW – Is This The Only “Suicide Door” Hardtop Coupe?

Thanks to the rear-hinged “suicide” door of this DKW coupe, we get to see a lot more of the lovely Anita Ekberg than we would if it was front-hinged. It does make me wonder: was this the only suicide-door hardtop coupe ever made? I suspect there may have been some obscure others in Europe, probably low-volume or coach-built, but at the oment I’m drawing a blank, probably because of that big lamb burger I just had.

So help me out. Can you think of any others?

Since Anita was obscuring the area where the non-pillar would be, here’s a clearer shot of it.

Here’s my detailed write-up of the DKW. FWIW, in my head, I always “say” or “hear” DKW in German, as the English pronunciation seems awkward cumbersome. No wonder they didn’t sell well here.