Vintage Snapshot: What I Used To See from the Observation Deck at Friendship Airport (Now BWI)

photo found at Dave Gelina’s Flickr page

When we moved to Baltimore in 1965, the local airport was a lot busier than the one in Iowa had been. But that’s still not saying much, as sometimes a half hour or 45 minutes would go by between a landing or take off. hard to imagine now.

And these are the kinds of planes I saw from up there: Lots of United DC-6s, and other similar prop planes like this Eastern Air Lines DC-7. And of course an increasing (but still modest) number of jets, like this United DC-8. My favorite one was a TWA 707 that always spent the night there. it would have looked like this:

Although I had formed an attachment to the DC-8 after flying one to the US in 1960, I couldn’t help but notice that the 707 was simply the better looking of the two. That was probbaly in large part to its many more small windows making it look sleeker and bigger. And its nose was a bit cleaner too. Of course the big windows of the DC-8 made for stellar views, something long forgotten.