Vintage Snapshots: Camping Trailers in the 50s and 60s

(first posted 1/20/2017)    Let’s take a look at Americans and Canadians on vacation with their travel and tent trailers in the 50s and 60s. These old snapshots archived at  That ’55 Chrysler won’t be struggling with its little load.


This looks like a great spot for camping. It beats tent camping, anyway.

From the early 50s. Flatheads needing to cool off from their exertions?

The ultimate tow-mobile.

Nice place to visit in the summer.

A fine ’61 Impala Nomad wagon.

Old timer.

1952 Plymouth with a pretty good sized trailer.

Chevy and Ford wagons dominated.


Now that’s a pretty spartan trailer.

How to keep the buns dry.

A ’62 Plymouth, always a treat.


Nice combo.

Color coordinated.

Another Caddy.

’61 Ford Ranch Wagon with Airstream Avion trailer.

Taking in the scenery. Looks like Eastern Oregon.