Vintage Snapshots: Exploring The Scenic Southwest in a 1941 Mercury Coupe

I stumbled into a collection of scanned old Kodachrome slides that really sucked me in. They’re all by or of the poster’s father, in various cars that he drove in the 1950s, while living in several different locales in the Southwest. He was apparently employed as a park ranger some of the time, and he clearly spent his free time exploring the scenic back roads, camping, skiing, hunting and just enjoying the superb scenery.

The first car is a well-kept 1941 Mercury coupe, and it finds itself in lots of places that look more or less familiar to me. These shots and this car are really giving me the itch to get back to the Southwest, ideally time-traveling back to a time when it was so much less densely populated, and there weren’t 4×4 SUVs everywhere. Who needed that back then?

I’ll be posting more, one for each of the cars the photographer drove as a replacement for the previous one.