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CC Outtake: 1957 Jeep FC-150 Forward Control


(First Posted August 31, 2013)  This morning as I was pulling into the local Wal-Mart parking lot in search of some items for the household, I was greeted by this sight!  I immediately parked with a complete disregard for the painted lines and hopped out of the car with my phone in hand towards two people who were securing this to their trailer… Read the rest of this entry »


COAL: 2014/5 Honda Civic Tourer – A Useful Tool And More

About a year ago I published a COAL post of the Opel Astra K, our sole family car at the time. The K replaced an Astra J (also COALed here), which during its term, from 2014 to 2016, there was also a second car- yet another Opel, a Corsa D described here. But in early 2016, well before our first child was born, I saw no financial justification to owning a second car. I could make do with a bus pass, so I sold the Corsa and once replacing the J, the Astra K remained to mostly serve my wife. This went on until mid 2018, when needs necessitated a second car in the family, due to the fast-growing boy. But why the Civic? And why a wagon? Read on. Read the rest of this entry »


Curbside Classic: 1980 Toyota Crown Super Saloon (S110) Hardtop Sedan – Forecourt Queen

I found something rather rare and interesting the other day: a used car dealer specialized in “Premium Used Cars,” i.e. old luxury barges in various state of disrepair. Used car dealers are not that common around here, but most are displaying common-or-garden Priuses and kei cars, usually less than 10 years old. This guy had a far more interesting bunch out on his lot, and the most interesting by a mile was this very presentable old Crown.

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Junkyard Outtake: When You Just Need That One Little Part That’s All The Way Inside…


Actually I’m fairly certain that it was the block they were after since that’s the big obvious part I can’t see anywhere.  Still, that’s a ton of work to remove everything to get to a bare block right there in the dirt in front of the donor vehicle.  Read the rest of this entry »


CC Outtake: 1941 Cadillac Fleetwood and 1940 LaSalle – Maintaining The Pecking Order

Kansas City is a great place for finding CCs and my latest trip certainly didn’t disappoint.

Sitting behind Union Station was a fabulous pairing of a 1941 Cadillac Fleetwood and a 1940 LaSalle.

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CC Capsule: Porsche 928 – A Victim of Entropy


(First Posted August 31, 2013)  On any street, I’d be hard pressed to miss this red 928. The swoopy body and “arrest me red” color choice catches my enthusiast eye, and draws me to the car in search of automotive perfection. However, closer examination tells an all too familar story…

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My Curbside Classic: 1965 ‘Jeep’ Gladiator J-3000 Townside – We Got A New (To Us) Gladiator Before Anyone Else

(Ed. Note: I didn’t realize my friend Crip and his wife owned this awesome J-3000 Gladiator until I was taking pictures of it in town last week and he walked out of the place it was parked in front of and asked me why I was taking pictures of HIS Jeep.  After getting over the surprise, I asked him to write about it so I wouldn’t have to, thankfully he loves writing…please welcome him!) 

Jeep’s website lists the new 2020 Gladiator as starting at $33,453, but you’d have just as much luck buying a French castle for that price. My neighborhood Jeep dealer lists the cheapest Gladiator Sport at over $10k more than that, with the Rubicon versions at $62k+. These markups are the rule currently, particularly in a market like Colorado. And on average a new Gladiator owner is spending over a grand on accessories, according to Motor1. 

My Gladiator had an original MSRP of $2369 and currently has two accessories: a gun rack and an old GPS I use as a speedometer (since I don’t have that particular accessory either).

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CC Roadtrip/Rental Review: 2019 Volvo XC60 T6 Inscription – Westward Ho!

Westward Ho! It’s a phrase I remember as a chapter title from my textbook in high school American History class, all because of the numerous smirks and giggles from classmates due to it containing modern slang for a promiscuous individual. Relating to history, it describes a calling of Americans to head westward to new territories and proclaim their “manifest destiny”, thereby exploring and conquering new western territories. Rather appropriately, it also describes my most recent vacation to Colorado.

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Middle East Auction Classic: 2007 Toyota Hilux Crew Cab 4×4 Pickup – 921,380km And Still Truckin’

Another evening, another deep rabbit hole for me, this time on the fertile fields of the Ritchie Brothers equipment auction site.  Wherever you may be in the world, there’s probably an RB auction site somewhere in the area; I pass right by one every time I head down to Denver.  They auction anything to do with equipment and vehicles for construction, farming, oil industry, and whatever else may come up.  Somehow I ended up perusing the offerings for their upcoming auction in Dubai and came across a great specimen to illustrate the “it’ll last forever” reputation of the Toyota Hilux, this 2007 version with almost a million kilometers on the clock.  Read the rest of this entry »


On-The-Road With The Cohort: Peugeot 504 – Is Madame In Distress?

Alright, let’s not jump to conclusions, it’s on a flatbed but that doesn’t necessarily mean it needs anything.  Ian Kennedy saw this wonderful sight in the San Francisco area and posted the shots at the CC Cohort for us to enjoy.  So let’s do just that… Read the rest of this entry »


Curbside Outtake: Voyager Generations – The Sequel


(First Posted August 30, 2013)  I mentioned the other day in the piece about our “new to us” 2012 VW Routan that we have three generations of Chrysler minivans in the driveway right now, so let’s take a moment to compare them. The grill of the Gen 3 GC is almost dainty compared to the Gen 4 T&C, but I think the Gen 5 Routan does an effective job of visually breaking up an even taller frontal area – note the higher base point of the windshield on the Routan, too.

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CC Global: Walking By All Types Of Workhorses

By now y’all must know I’m more interested in utility than in fancy. A good long walk on a sunny Saturday yielded a wide variety of pure, functional vehicles and machinery. Starting with this fresh-fruit-hauler, which I caught just a few hundred meters from my house.

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Curbside Classic: 1978 Nissan Bluebird (811) 1800 – Pilloried Sedan

We’ve had some really good luck with JDM Nissans recently and there will be other great ones soon, but let’s be realistic, here: there were always a number of stinkers on Nissan’s roster. All carmakers make mistakes, but in the ‘70s, Nissan made it a habit. Datsunfortunately what we have here. (I’m already regretting setting the bar so high, pun-wise).

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The Great Beater Challenge 2019: Day Two, Part Two – Finale

In part one of the concluding day we started the journey back to Calgary and in this segment we finish off the 2019 edition of the Great Beater Challenge. We also get to find out what teams make the finish line and what teams win this year’s awards. Follow along for the concluding chapter.

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CC Factory: A Visit To SEAT To See Ibizas Being Built

01 Seat

SEAT headquarters and production facility, Barcelona, Spain


(First Posted August 30 ,2013)  I know, this is the posting you all have been waiting for, the SEAT production line in Barcelona, Spain!

When I traveled to and worked in Spain in the ‘60s and ‘70s, SEATs were probably the most common cars to be found on the country’s roads. All were licensed from Fiat, 850s and 124s. By the time I returned to Spain in 1989 to assist my friend Bob Frerck on a three week photo shoot, SEAT had been bought by VW, and all SEAT models were VW variants.

All photos in this article, except as noted, were shot by Bob Frerck.

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