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Curbside Classic: 1997 Infiniti J30 – Jellybean Jealousy

IMG-20120216-00942Special thanks to James Cavanaugh for the photos of this 1997 J30.

As Destiny’s Child so eloquently put it, “I don’t think you’re ready for this jelly”. Now of course in the song, they were referring to a woman’s derrière. Yet when used under a different context, it’s a rather fitting statement to describe the Infiniti J30, a car whose jellybean-like styling and focal rear end, most people were not ready for.

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Another Italoamericano: Pininfarina’s 1963 Corvette Rondine

(first posted 3/30/2011. It makes a nice counterpoint to yesterday’s 1963 Avanti)   I’m obviously on a jag here with all these Italian-rebodied Americanos. But I never get tired of digging them out and dusting them off; the memory banks do need refreshing from time to time. And what a refreshing vehicle to do the job.

There was a good reason the C2 Corvette was so popular among the carrozzeria: it still sat on a real frame. That was very hard to come by indeed in Europe by the early-mid sixties. Pininfarina’s lovely Rondine is one of the finer examples of the cross-breeds, and ever so different than the husky and hunky new Sting Ray. Which would you take? Read the rest of this entry »


eBay Find: 1981 Toyota Celica Sunchaser – Spring and Summer.


Ah summer. For us living in the tropics it means we’re about to roast our nuts off under the inclement nuclear reactor in the sky. For people who live further north however it’s a relief, an end of the weeks of shoveling snow, heating bills up the wazoo and having to wear so many layers of clothing you start wondering if hypothermia isn’t preferable. And what better way to enjoy your newfound freedom than a convertible. Especially one as rare as this one.

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In Motion Classics: Courtesy of The General


I love my CC, but I lead a relatively sedentary lifestyle so I try to walk around as much as I can. One benefit to this is the opportunity to capture CCs in action. While perusing my pics, I’ve found a bunch of classics in motion (or stuck in congestion) so I’m going to be posting the occasional set in honour of them. First up is a 1962 Buick Electra. I see this one in use occasionally and it is an exceedingly handsome addition to Melbourne’s roads. It’s still in left-hand drive, which is now fully registerable on our RHD roads, but if (when) I get a US CC its going to be a right-hooker. That’s just me. Read the rest of this entry »


Rental Car Review: 2015 Chevrolet Malibu – This Is The Worst GM Can Do Now?

2015 chevy malibu (1)

Yes, we know. General Motors went from an industrial juggernaut with the lion’s share of the US car market, to tragic depths that led to bankruptcy. Yes, GM made a multitude of arrogant, short-sighted decisions and put out some shamelessly bad cars. Yes, GM required major assistance from the government. Frankly, though, the GM hate needs to be leveled at its past decisions and products and people, because although the reformed company is still trying to keep its head above water in some respects (its struggling European operations, for example), this sedan proves definitively that GM is alive and kicking. And if anybody tries to tell you the 2015 Malibu is a poor choice for a mid-size sedan, they are woefully misinformed.

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Carshow Classic: 1969 Austin 3 Litre Deluxe – The Landcrab Trilogy Is Complete

austin 3 litre-7

Back in December 2013, fellow Curbivore Tom Klockau covered the Austin 3 Litre and coined it brilliantly as the Landcrab Imperial. As chance would have it, at my local Classic Car club evening meeting last week the subject of the 3 Litre was raised. One member has one, which he nicknamed “The Lobster”, only partly based on its red colour.  So, as a follow up to Tom’s post from 2013, I offer this further explanation on yet another BMC failure Read the rest of this entry »


QOTD: Should The Ignition Key To My 1978 Olds 88 Be Removable While The Engine Is Running?

Olds ignition switch

(David Linge left this question as a comment, and I think he’s more likely to get help with it from you if I post it here)     I am asking if anyone can give me some info about my 1978 Oldsmobile Delta 88 Royale. I have owned 4 Oldsmobiles from the ’70’s. On every Olds, I was able to remove the key from the ignition with the engine running. My Olds has under 50,000 original miles. I was stopped by Canada’s Finest (RCMP). The second the officer asked for my insurance, I pulled my key out to unlock the glovebox. With that, the officer snatched my keys from me and impounded my car for “Faulty Ignition”. That cost almost $400. That was me and my son’s grocery money for the entire month. Now, there is a complete mechanical inspection ordered on my car just because I can take the key out while running. Read the rest of this entry »


The Best Big Car Of 1966? The Perpetual Debate Gets Some Additional Ammo

(first posted 6/12/2011)   I vividly remember this pretty objective comparison when it arrived in my mailbox in the fall of 1965, and it has colored my perspective ever since, along with my own later experiences. So a little scanning, and here it is: Popular Science writer Jan Norbye takes on the Big Three, gives credit where it’s due, and then in the end tells them all to go back to their workshops and get it right. Which they did, about ten years later, when GM’s excellent B-Bodies came out. Let’s face it, the ’77 GMs really were the first properly sorted out big American cars, ever. But let’s check out the state of the art in 1966 (click on the pictures to enlarge, and use Control + to enlarge further) Read the rest of this entry »


The Tasman Bridge Cars: Hobart, Tasmania, January 1975 – Stopped In The Nick Of Time


One of the nice things about getting older is being able to remember events as they happened. And, for each of those events, there usually sticks in the mind an image that forever remains a kind of shorthand for the whole thing. Read the rest of this entry »


In Motion Classic: 1963 Studebaker Avanti – Forward March

001 - 1963 Avanti CC

Boldly advancing…


Sometimes you miss a photo opportunity, and sometimes you get a second chance.  The first time this gorgeous, first-year 1963 Studebaker Avanti passed me in my neighborhood on my daily morning walk to the Red Line train into the Chicago Loop, I was so shocked by what was passing me that I fumbled my camera and missed getting a clear shot.  Sheer frustration.  Three days later, I heard a low, baritone V8 rumble increasing steadily from behind me, slowly turned around, and there it was.

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Cohort Sighting: Renault 12 Hard At Work In Medellin, Colombia

Renault 12 Meddellin  Alexander Den Ouden

Alexander Den Ouden posted this shot at the CC Cohort that he took just last week in Medellin, Colombia. The Renault 12, although it was sold in the US as well as in may parts of the world, has so far not been covered here with a proper CC. How about a mini-CC? Read the rest of this entry »


Curbside Classic: 1984 Ford Tempo GLX …And Where Have You Been Hiding?


So familiar, so forgettable.

For most of the motoring public, that’s the general consensus on the Ford Tempo & Mercury Topaz twins. They were there, in abundance, for a whole bunch of years. They were cheap and they were plentiful and if you happened to be lucky enough (or wise enough) to get one of the ’90s builds, you probably had an alright ride to get you from A-to-B, perhaps an occasional tie-rod or other often-replaced part needing repair. You probably remember little (or remember everything) about the performance of the standard issue 2.3L HSC four pot and three speed ‘Find-O-Matic’… highlighting its characteristic abrupt gear shifts. It did the job… not briskly… but economically. You still see enough of the final examples around that you pay little attention to ones you come across, no matter how battered or beaten it might be, or every so often, one exceptionally well preserved, like this one. Read the rest of this entry »


Eugene’s Curbside Classics In 1968: Can You ID Them All?

(This was sent in by CC reader Norm Thompson, and originally published in 2011. But it’s a great picture, and shows a surprising number of import brands at one student house in Eugene in 1968, so I deleted the few comments that were there to give you a fresh shot at identifying them all, again.)


The attached photo (Sorry for the quality. Originally snapped with a Minox camera and now reproduced with a digital one. I have no scanner) shows the front yard of my former residence in Eugene (1359 Patterson).

The challenge for you CC regulars is to identify the year, make and model of each of these five beauties. Note that one of them belonged to another tenant (and I don’t remember the model year) so the year on that one won’t count.

(the exact year on some of these might be a bit tough; but it’s quite the little collection Norm had then. And just for fun, I drove by that same house to see if there might be something interesting sitting there now. You never know:] Read the rest of this entry »


Cars Of A Lifetime: 1989 Cadillac Brougham – Hello, Old Friend

(first posted 7/3/2011)   Those of us who have owned several cars very seldom get to re-connect with an old one.  Sure, we may see them around for awhile after we sell them, but then they inevitably vanish into our memories and photo collections.  However,  during a recent driving lesson with my youngest teen, I came across this old friend which I sold nearly 6 years ago.  I am happy to see that it is still at work.

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Cohort Outtake: Two Small Cars Keeping Company

Cohort 2 small cars

canadiancatgreen caught a couple of little 1980s imports huddling together for safety amongst all those big, mean trucks and CUVs. Read the rest of this entry »