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Curbside Classic: 1976 Chrysler Cordoba – Fine Corinthian Brougham

(first posted 5/15/2012)     If you grew up in the Seventies, you know this car. You know it very well. If any one car could best define that wild and crazy decade, the Chrysler Cordoba may be it. Read the rest of this entry »


On The Go Outtake: The Great Sunfire Race

CC 299 016 (2) 1200

Sadly, I didn’t have a dash-cam to take a video of how the order of these two Sunfires came to be. Because just a block or two earlier, the silver one was ahead in the thick traffic of West 11th during our semi-rush hour. But then the red one made a bold and noisy move to overtake the silver one; a most impressive display of its great power. We were all in awe! Read the rest of this entry »


Curbside Classic: Talbot-Lago T26 Record coupé surprofilé — the French “crème de la crème”



When it debuted in 1946, the 170 hp Talbot-Lago T26 Record was alleged to be the most powerful car on offer. A couple years later, a short-wheelbase 190 hp Grand Sport was added, and its top speed of 200 kph (125 mph) made it the quickest production car in the world in the late ‘40s.

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CC Capsule: Wednesday Morning Rarities – Ford Laser TX3, In Black And White

1990 Ford Laser TX3 Turbo black rear

In a delayed post this week we have one of the brighter points of Ford Australia’s small car history in the TX3 Turbo all-wheel drive Lasers.  As with any affordable performance car, many have fallen by the wayside but recently I’ve seen a couple.

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Automotive History: Talbot – Almost Invincible

Talbot badge

Do the French have a word for “prestige”?


What image does the name Talbot conjure up for you? Stylish British drop-top? Swoopy French streamliner? Blue grand prix car? Unloved ‘80s econobox? In the UK and France, many cars were produced as Talbots throughout the 20th century. Find a French-English dictionary and let’s peel the layers of Talbot’s torturous tale.

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CC Capsule: 1973 Pontiac Grand Ville Convertible – Capping My Wedding Weekend


I came upon this car the day after my wedding. I got married this summer, in July. Second time around for both of us. Did this car get a second chance, a restoration? Or is it original? To my eye, it’s more likely the latter. There are lots of little faults and imperfections that these photos don’t pick up. This car is definitely a 20 footer. But that’s more than all right with me; I like ‘em original. Read the rest of this entry »


CC Mystery: Does Anyone Know The History Of This Fiat 124 Racecar?

fiat 124 racer

A member on one of the forums I follow recently bought this, a 1972 Fiat 124 Spider race car/custom. The owner believes it started life as a hard-core race car, but was converted to a street car at some point- the roll cage and race car parts were removed, and the interior from a stock Spider was swapped in. Here’s what the owner has to say about it: Read the rest of this entry »


Curbside Classic: 1972 BMW 2002 Tii – Fifty Years Of Unbeatable Success

CC 106 037 1200

There’s a wise old saying that warns not to propose marriage to a woman until you’ve met her mother. What if potential MIL is out of the country for an extended period, and you’re in a hurry? You could do what I did in 1977: look in the garage to see what she drives. There I found a BMW 2002 stashed securely away. And it wasn’t an automatic either. It’s all I needed to know: “Stephanie, will you marry me?” Read the rest of this entry »


CC Global: 2013 Adria Matrix M680SL Motorhome – Ready For A Trip To Norway


My brother and his wife rented this Adria motorhome for their three week trip to Norway. Starting in the Netherlands, then to Germany, Denmark, Sweden and the last border crossing into Norway. No ferry boat ride, as they will cross the Øresund Bridge from Denmark to Sweden.

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COAL: 2016 BMW 228i xDrive – There’s No Point In Living If You Can’t Feel Alive

2016 BMW 228i xDrive

Well, from the cover picture and title, I think it’s clear what I decided to replace my 2010 Acura TSX with. For nearly my entire life I’ve dreamed of owning a BMW. It’s been my favorite brand ever since I laid eyes on my first E36 convertible, and a couple weeks ago I made that dream happen with this 2016 BMW 228i xDrive coupe. My first BMW, my first coupe, my first brand new car, and my first vehicle that I paid for entirely with my own hard-earned money — it was a very proud day.

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QOTD: What Is The Strangest Issue You Have Had With A Car?

holden calais bug

You may be wondering just what is going on in this photo. Well, I was perplexed as you are. Read the rest of this entry »


Cohort Outtake: Lancia Gamma Series 1 Coupe

(first posted 3/31/2012)    Here’s an interesting specimen shot by Cohort user Kurtzos. Read the rest of this entry »


Cohort Outtake: No Parts Deliveries Until Further Notice

Pioneer Pallayup

Posted at the Cohort by Ralf K. Shot in Puyallup, WA. a few years back. Wonder if it’s been fixed yet?

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Curbside Capsule: 1977-81 Datsun 200B & 1985-86 Nissan Bluebird TR.X – Evolutionarily Stunted Bird

modified datsun 200b

The Datsun 200B was an immensely popular if humble, mainstream Japanese family sedan during its 1977-81 run in Australia: a Camry before there was a Camry, if you will. But while the history of the Camry reveals a car that rose to the top and stayed there, the tale of the 200B and its successors shows a different and distinctly downward trajectory. Read the rest of this entry »


So Just How Many Camaro Sixes Were Built (1967-1976)? And How Many Camaro Six Posts Have We Had At CC?

Camaro 1968 six 250

There’s few things that reflect our collective interests here at CC more clearly than our coverage of Camaro sixes. We have had…well; wait for it. certainly more than any other website. Joseph Dennis’ post of the ’68 Camaro six convertible got me wondering. Just what was the percentage of Camaros built with the six?  Read the rest of this entry »