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QOTD: Would You Buy A Newer Version Of The Same Car You’ve Already Owned?

I love my 2009 Ford FG Falcon, from its cushy seats to its smooth inline six. I know I should just be enjoying what I have but I’ve now had it for over two years, the longest I’ve owned a car. As it creeps closer and closer to 200,000km on the odometer, I find myself wondering what I’ll get next. All my instincts tell me to try something fresh and new but, the other day, I thought about returning to something familiar. My question to you is: would you buy a newer version of a car you’ve already owned? Read the rest of this entry »


Cohort Pic(k) Of The Day

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CC History: The All-Too-Brief History of Canted Headlights

1961 DeSoto

Like a meteor crashing through the sky, diagonally canted quad headlights were a styling trend that shone brightly and then burned out quickly. Let’s take a look at this short-lived fad.

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Junkyard Classics: Toyota Crown Comfort & Nissan Cedric – JDM Taxi Graveyard

You can hail till you’re blue in the face, none of these will be taking you home. This is where taxis come to rest and rust, no longer fit for purpose, after a long an arduous life of servitude. They sit in the weeds, immobile parts donors for their many brethren still hard at work on the highways and byways of their country of birth. Only two families of cars are represented here – the toughest in the business. Let’s get closer and pay our respects (exact change only).

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Curbside History: Monroney Sticker – 1975 Volvo 164

Over the years I have acquired many automotive window stickers. By accident, I guess. Every time I would buy a car or visit the junk yards I would search for stickers. In fact, I’ve been known to buy a car (or a few) just because it had the sticker in the glove box. If I ever snagged a day or half day off work for errands, a trip to the junk yard was a must to fit in. Read the rest of this entry »


Cohort Pic(k) Of The Day

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Truck Stop Classic: Mid-Seventies Scania L85 Dry Bulk Truck – My Weekend And Holiday Grand Tourer

I did a double take when I came across this picture on a website for local historical affairs. This is one of the trucks my dad drove frequently, back in the seventies. It must have been brand new here, as it still has a temporary license plate. Not to mention the pristine exhaust pipe.

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In-Motion Classic: 1984 Mercury Grand Marquis Two-Door Sedan – Once Taken For Granite

It snowed all day on Halloween this year in Chicago.  In fact, not only did the snow accumulate, but it remained overnight for the first day of November.  I’m guessing that few Chicagoans saw this coming from a couple of weeks prior, but it was still heartening to see families with young children in my neighborhood trudging through the precipitation on October 31st in costumes (including a giant, inflatable pink unicorn!  sorry, no pictures of that…) for an activity that could more accurately be labeled “Trick or Sleet“.

Regardless, when I saw all the snow on the ground and in the trees a couple of Fridays ago, I expected to see a little salt on the sidewalks and streets, but I saw none.  In the often-mercurial style of Chicago weather, by the time I had left the office for the day, all of the snow had melted and the resulting water had mostly evaporated.

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COAL: 2012 Ford F-150 – Pickup Truck For The Wife And A Project Hauler For Me

I am not a pickup person, at least not modern, super sized pickup sense. I do like classic trucks as well as the more tidy sized mini trucks of old from the Seventies to Nineties. But this purchase was not for me but rather for my wife who enjoys modern vehicles and Ford trucks. Her family has a bit of Ford truck history. But it also meant we could have a vehicle capable of towing.

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Cohort Pic(k) Of The Day

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Curbside in Japan: Parking At Home – The Long And Short Of It

One of the things that always struck me about Japan and Japanese cars are that there are a lot of small cars, more than in most places.  This isn’t to say there aren’t large cars as well, there are lots of them, in fact I can’t recall seeing as many Bentleys and G-Wagons in any other place recently as well as lots of larger JDM iron.  While I was there I spent a lot of time just walking around and literally losing myself in various neighborhoods just taking random turns and looking at everything I came across.

When I’d had enough I would pull my phone out and have it get me back to my hotel.  Lots of these neighborhoods had single-family homes that were fairly (very) compact by western standards and interesting parking situations/limitations.  As parking is extremely expensive in Japan it behooves one to purchase a car that fits in the garage or the parking spot, as there generally are not driveways or street front parking in the typical Tokyo neighborhood. Read the rest of this entry »


The Godfrey-Kinkade Expedition, Part 1

Herman and Zoe in their wedding picture. This would have been two years prior to this trip.

My Maternal Grandfather was an interesting man with eclectic automotive tastes. Seven years ago, I wrote about his many cars in this article: Cars of My Grandfather

At that time, I mentioned a trip he made in the summer of 1935, departing Kiester, Minnesota to visit an international exposition in San Diego, California. Joining him on the journey was my Grandmother Zoe, her brother Don Kinkade, and Grandma’s new sister in law, Marjorie. The trip took 3 1/2 weeks, and covered around 4,700 miles.

The thought of crossing the country by car in the depths of the Depression fascinates me, but since the trip occurred 26 years before my birth (and two years before Mom arrived on the scene), I have no memory of the event. However, Grandpa Herman did keep a journal, which my Mother recently gave me.

I’ve created four posts sharing the details of this adventure, where you’ll see Grandpa Herman’s words in standard text. In addition, I’ve added maps for each day of the trip, period photos, and my own comments in italicized text. Enjoy! D/S

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CC Outtake: 1975 Mercedes-Benz 240D Convertible – Top Down Diesel

One of the little thrills that comes with being a car enthusiast is that which arises when, by chance, one encounters a car from the internet in person. When said car is parked, it’s an opportunity to investigate further, looking for the little details–distinct imperfections or unique traits that stick out, a dent on the rear quarter panel, a bumper sticker, an odd accessory–that can confirm that the car is in fact the one last seen on Craigslist three weeks ago. The odds of seeing the same car from your local craigslist parked or driving around your city are probably not that long, but it is nonetheless interesting to when it does happen. Read the rest of this entry »


Cohort Pic(k) Of The Day

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COAL: 2015 Q3 and 2009 TT – Audi Duty Time

It has been over two years since I finished my Cars of a Lifetime series, so I figured I would check in with a quick update (two, actually). As the title makes clear, the Halter household has been graced pair of vehicles sporting the four interlocking rings.

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