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Skinner Butte Outtake/QOTD: Kids With Noisy Old Chevy V8s – Some Things Never Change; Or Will They?


On our most recent urban hike up to Skinner Butte, we were greeted with a sight that is essentially timeless: two young guys with their Chevy V8 ‘project’ cars. I asked for permission to shoot them, which was duly granted. And shortly afterwards, they took off noisily down the winding road, and put on quite an aural display of Chevy V8 heavy-metal music on the one longer straight stretch directly below the viewing terrace. It’s got to be one of the most timeless sounds for anyone who’s lived these past 60 years. Will I be hearing it 30 years from now, if I’m still around and able to get out? Read the rest of this entry »


Vintage Review: R&T Tests The Mazda 808 Coupe – Pistons To The Rescue


(from the Jan. 1975 issue)   Mazda really burst on the scene with its rotary-powered cars, the RX2 and RX3. But they were thirsty, so the energy crisis suddenly forced Mazda to put more emphasis on their piston-engined alternatives, like this 808, which shared the same basic body as the RX3. R&T rightly points out that although the rotary Mazdas used a bit of fuel, it wasn’t out of proportion to their performance, which was substantially better.  Read the rest of this entry »


Bus Stop Classic: 1964 DAF Tractor – 1963 DAF Semi-Trailer – Deckers Bus Body


Right after the Second World War large numbers of buses were needed to recover the public transport system. Buses based on semi-trailers were more rapidly available, and cheaper, than complete (foreign) rolling bus chassis. The bus bodies, mounted on single axle DAF AA semi-trailers, were built by Verheul, Werkspoor, De Schelde and Fokker. Initially the tractor units were Crossleys from Manchester UK.

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Cohort Outtake: Traction Avant, American Style; and Traction Arriére, German Style


As a bit of counterpoint to today’s splendid post on the Citroen 15-six, I offer you this American-style Traction Avant, thanks to CC Cohort Benoit. Of course, a real counterpoint would have a rear engine and RWD, a Traction Arriére. Fortunately, Benoit also posted one of those too, and it’s every bit as stunning as this picture. Read the rest of this entry »


Automotive History: The Citroën 15-Six – Traction Royalty Genealogy 101


The Citroën 15-Six, colloquially known as “Quinze,” was the top of the automaker’s car range for 18 model years with remarkably few changes. It was the last French-made straight-six and also the first car to feature the famous hydro-pneumatic suspension.

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Cohort Outtake: Cars Help Make Friends


The CC Cohort is a great source for photographs of Curbside Classics, and also an insight into how fellow Curbivores observe Classics, and how they are used. Predominantly the Cohort is of modest cars, not the true top end brands and models, and that’s how we (normally) like it, but occasionally something comes in that isn’t, such as this Bentley Continental, Aston Martin DB6, Jaguar XK120 and Ferrari 330GT, all seen In Rochester, VT, by Monteverde3 (Gene Herman at CC.

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Vintage Comparison: 1975 Mustang II V8 vs. Chevy Monza 2+2 V8 – The V8 Shetland Pony Car Shootout


(Update:  another version of this same review ran this past July. My apologies)    CC reader Lee J. donated a couple of decades of his Road and Track collection to me, starting with January 1975. It’s been quite a trip down memory lane rereading them, as I was an avid R&T reader back then. Now that I have a new scanner/printer, I’m going to start feeding them out to you, chronologically. So without any further ado, lets check out how these two mini-ponys sporting V8 engines fared. Read the rest of this entry »


Cohort Classic: 2000 Oldsmobile Alero – More Trouble Than it Was Worth.


I’ve had a bit of a think since the last time I visited Oldsmobile. Don’t get me wrong, that revolting half-baked attempt at making the Malibu into a Cutlass is still nothing short of insulting, but at the end of the day…wasn’t Oldsmobile already on its deathbed by the time that it rolled around? What was the point of dumping millions of dollars on something completely new and different? That makes that pretty blue car that you see above this text all the more interesting.

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Vintage Ad Outtake: 1977 BMW 320i Ad – A Quaint Memory As We Succumb To Autonomous Vehicles


Last week Tesla announced that all of their vehicles will be ready for full autonomous driving just as soon as government approval is secured.  All that will be required is a hefty payment to Tesla for an over-the-air software download.  Imagine, you’ll never have to drive again!  What could be better?!?!  Thankfully, we have come so far so fast, and nothing could possibly go wrong with Elon’s nirvana.  But to make sure you never forget the dark days of dangerous human driving, I bring you a dastardly print ad from 1977 that had the audacity to suggest that humans could be safe and effective behind the wheel.

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Car Show Classics: Everything From Mini to Brougham


A week after the Volvo display I wrote about here, I went to another meeting in which the participants celebrated their friend’s 1961 Mini, having finished restoration. But as usual with Israeli classic car meetings, you get all sorts of classic variations. Take a look inside. Read the rest of this entry »


CC Outtake: Two VW Rabbits; Two Old Subaru Wagons


The Friendly Market is just down the street a few blocks, the place to go when needing to fill up the kombucha jug or a grab a killer sandwich. In the heart of the Friendly Street neighborhood, the car spotting is also often good, but even I was pleasantly surprised to catch two of the these Mk I Golfs/Rabbits there at the same time. I’m familiar with both of them, and have probably shown them before, but it’s nice to see them still in action, and together. And there’s a bonus in this shot: two old Subaru wagons, the perfect complement to the Rabbits.

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CC Outtake: Mean Street Mopar Peek-A-Boo

Denver Mopar Action

There I was, just walking down a mean street in Denver minding my own business, when off to my right behind a chain-link fence, these guys start staring me down…Well, except for the guy on the left, he’s short a few eyeballs.

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Biography: Sir Alec Issigonis – The Designer of Britain’s Favourite Cars, Britain’s Favourite Car Designer


Alec Issigonis, along with Sir Henry Royce and perhaps Colin Chapman, has the greatest name recognition in the UK for any British car designer or engineer.  At the peak if his career he was by far the most well-known personality in the British motor industry, one of the most well-known names in the European motor industry, and was the first and perhaps the only car British designer who could claim celebrity status.

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Curbside Cinema: NFSA Defensive Driving – Learn How To Pass A Car!

Much to the chagrin of my lovely bride, I am a bit addicted to vintage automotive cinema; therefore, we spend our evenings watching fewer sitcoms and reality shows than cheesy old educational videos.  This is my choice, not hers.  My latest infatuation has been with these early 1970s Australian drivers’ education videos on the “NFSA Australia” YouTube channel.  There are nine videos in the “Skills of Defensive Driving” series alone, and it’s worth watching simply for car spotting enjoyment and overall cheesiness.  If you’ve got some time to spare, have fun falling down this rabbit hole.


Classics-In-Traffic: 1985 Cadillac Fleetwood Brougham & 1989 Lincoln Town Car – Buses & Broughams


I photographed these two, fine specimens of 80’s American luxury at the same intersection (Jackson & Franklin) adjacent to the Willis (née Sears) Tower within the span of just under four years.  It was the second shot (of the Lincoln) which triggered my memory of having taken a similar shot, earlier.  Indeed, it has often felt as if I was playing the children’s game “Memory” when a sense of déjà vu occurs when taking photographs.

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