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Craigslist Classic: 1971 Peugeot 304 – A Rare Survivor, But Well Done

Peugeot 304 1971 side

For most Americans, Peugeot isn’t exactly a household word, unless they’re still using their trusty Peugeot pepper mill. It may have sorta-kinda been one back in the day, mainly on the coasts. But ever since Peugeot packed up their bags and did a voluntary deportation, the name has been sliding into automotive obscurity. Most car buffs can at least make an association with the classic lineage of RWD Peugeots that were sold here, the 403, 404, 504 and 505. The sharper ones will even remember the 604. But who remembers the 304? The sweet little FWD sedan and wagon that was sold stateside for all of two years (1971 and 1972)? I do! And rather fondly, at that.  Read the rest of this entry »


Future Classic (Japan Edition): 2005 Toyota bB – xBox Two


The Toyota Camry wagon that isn’t a Venza is dying this year. When Paul described the second generation Scion xB is a slice of everything that GM had gotten wrong served by Toyota he was absolutely bang on with his assessment. Even up to the point of the Americans shunning the superior product from overseas.

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Vintage Review: SAAB 900 Turbo



Another Article from R&Ts’ April 1979 issue, this one is a Road Test. Read the rest of this entry »


COAL: 1973 AMC Hornet – The Devil You Know


Last week I shared my brief fling with a respectable vehicle, the above car represents my retreat back into beater-hood. That may sound like a bad thing but it wasn’t, I have always loved beaters and still do. While I knew my decision to sell my Jeep and go back to school meant getting another beater, it still had to be unique. I still had a pile of parts from my previous Gremlin parts car and knew how to wrench on them, so when I saw this car for sale across from my old high school I knew it would be mine. Read the rest of this entry »


eBay Find: 2004 Volkswagen Phaeton – Taking Advantage


I think it’s safe to say that the resale value of most Volkswagens of the past decade or so is falling fast, whether they are affected by the scandal or not. So naturally it’s a perfect time to pick an unaffected car on the cheap. And since we’re at it, why not one that had already depreciated like a rock anyway.
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Curbside Classic: 1935 K6 Telephone Box – Britain’s Second Most Recognised Builiding?

1935-k6 kiosk-51

Twentieth century Britain has produced some wonderful buildings by some great architects, who by the nature of their trade, have their names appended to a wide range of buildings, locations and dates. One of the best known of these was Sir Giles Gilbert Scott, who designed among other buildings, the Anglican Cathedral of Liverpool, Battersea Power Station and Waterloo Bridge in London – all great buildings with local and national recognition – but he is perhaps best associated with the definitive British red telephone box, known officially as the K6. Read the rest of this entry »


Kickstand Classic: Honda Dream 305 – Soichiro Honda’s Dream Comes True

CC 254 009 1200

In retrospect, it’s a bit surprising that the Japanese automobile invasion wasn’t more fully anticipated. Given how Japanese manufacturers totally overran the camera, small electronics and motorcycle industries, the Big Three should have just liquidated themselves while they could still get good prices for their assets.

Ok; that wasn’t likely. But the Japanese turned the motorcycle industry on its head, essentially destroying the British makers and nearly so Harley Davidson. And this is the bike that led the charge: Honda’s biggest bike when they launched their invasion of America in 1959. Yes, it could only have been a dream at the time for Soichiro Honda, but it quickly became a nightmare for everyone else.  Read the rest of this entry »


Vintage Review: 1934 Fiat Balilla



Here’s another of R&T’s Salon Articles, of the very lovely Balilla. Read the rest of this entry »


CC Capsule: 1975 Chevrolet Impala Sport Coupe – A Taste Of How It Was

005 - 1975 Chevrolet Impala Sport Coupe CC

Few times have I passed local pizzeria and hangout Gino’s North (unrelated to Chicago-based national chain Gino’s East) and seen a car parked in front as appropriate to this setting as this ’75 Chevy Impala Sport Coupe.  I love my neighborhood.  Tucked under an L station on the Chicago Transit Authority’s Red Line, Gino’s North has been a fixture here since 1941.  The current pizza crust’s originator, the lovely Peggy G., is in her 80’s and has been here for over thirty years.  As would be expected by a place with history like this, I’ve found the pies to be unmatched by those of any other establishment in the ten-plus years I’ve lived in Chicago.  To echo the license plate holder on the Chevy, “Bella Italia”, indeed.

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Food Truck Outtake: Citroën H-Van – A Long Way From Chartres


I came across this food truck at the corner of W. Adams Street and S. Wacker Drive in Chicago a few weeks ago and had to take a picture of probably one of the best preserved (or restored) H-vans that I have ever seen.  Read the rest of this entry »


The Car And Driver Manifesto: Dave E. Davis Spells It Out In 1963

David E. Davis CD 1963 001 900

David E. Davis’ two tenures (1963-1967; 1976-1985) at the helm of Car and Driver are as legendary and controversial as the man himself. He was complicated, difficult and would turn on his friends, but he left a huge legacy in terms of a decidedly fresh (and increasingly self-conscious) style to automotive magazine writing. I stumbled upon his first column as the Editor, from December 1963, where he lays out his vision for Car and Driver.


Vintage Review: Capri II Rokstock RSR Turbo



To me, the best R&T reviews are of cars such as this left-field Capri, which is why I’m posting this on my Birthday. (: Read the rest of this entry »


Cohort Outtake: Hot Wheels

Hotwheels Jag

posted at the Cohort by dman-x

I know; I’m hardly the first one (or so I have to assume) to say it, but whenever I see a car (or shot) like this, all I can think is: Hot Wheels. And that the hot Wheels craze, must have influenced a lot of future big wheel and tire buyers. Read the rest of this entry »


Top 10 Obscure Special Editions and Forgotten Limited-Run Models: Lincoln-Mercury Edition, Part I

mercury grand monarch ghia 1975

It seems one could write dozens of these articles on special editions of the Lincoln Town Car alone. After all, Town Car special editions included the Touring, Pro Series, 25th Anniversary, Designer, Ultimate, Continental, Spinnaker, Regatta, Jack Nicklaus, Cypress Edition, Diamond Anniversary, Special Edition and Sail America. Yikes. Understandably, that’s an article perhaps best saved for a Town Car fan site more so than Curbside Classic, although there are plenty of Panther-platform fans who have this site bookmarked. Instead, let’s look at some other special edition and limited-run Lincolns as well as such cars from the defunct Mercury division with which Lincoln shared showrooms. Oh, and we’ll also take a look at one Town Car.

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Vintage Review: 1964 Buick Riviera Car And Driver Road Research Report – The Longest, Most Comprehensive Car Review Ever?

Riviera 1964 CD 001 1200

I’ve gotten in the spirit of the vintage reviews we’ve been having lately, and my contribution is from the oldest Car and Driver I have, from December 1963. Note that this is not just a “test” or ‘review”, but a “Road Research Report”. And that means quite long and very comprehensive. If you’ve ever wondered what the roll center height  or spring rates of the Riviera were, and in comparison to a few other cars, this will be satisfying. If not, it’s a good read and window into a time when car reviews were a bit different, as were the cars themselves. (click on images for larger size) Read the rest of this entry »