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Road Trip Journal: Goldfield, Nevada – A CC Goldmine

The reason we took a longer but scenic route from Eugene to Joshua Tree via Western Nevada was not just for the opportunity to drive fast (and suffer the consequences).  Goldfield, Nevada has been on my radar for years, and posting a few shots by Curtis Perry taken there only whetted my desire further. So after an overnight stay in Tonopah some 40 miles north, we pulled into Goldfield and just started driving up and down the dusty half-empty streets, shooting from the car, and stopping at a few key places too. So I’m going to just post my shots in the order that they were taken, which will hopefully give a representative look at this remarkable CC paradise. Read the rest of this entry »


CC Capsule: 1975 (or 1976) Dodge Coronet – Missed Opportunities

Posted to the Cohort by John Lloyd

Everyone has their favorite places; Kansas City falls into that boat for me.  Despite the crummy weather it sees in the winter, KC is a prime location for finding terrific cars still in use.  Perhaps one could call it the Eugene of the Midwest.

A recent trip to Kansas City yielded a ’75 or ’76 Coronet percolating westbound on I-70 near downtown.  Naturally I was headed the other way and missed the opportunity to photograph it.

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CC Outtakes: Parking Lot For Those Who Want To Overcome Fear Of Water

Recently our river water levels were higher than in the past winters. Usually the quay above is fairly wide and -above all- completely dry. Now it was a bit tricky, yet some visitors weren’t afraid of a sudden unintended acceleration.

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The Most Obscure Special Editions And Forgotten Limited-Run Models: Mopar Edition, Part IV

Chrysler has a rich history of special editions and limited-run models, many of which I’ve covered in Part One, Part Two and Part Three of this series. In this part, we’ll look at celebrity and performance tie-ups, alluring trim packages, and a special edition that pilfered its name from a crosstown rival.

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QOTD: What Do You Know About External “Drum” Thermometers?

CC reader Donny B sent the following question:

I recently discovered that luxury vehicles from the 1970’s had “drum” style thermometers on the driver-side mirror. When did these disappear? I’d like to know because having one made late enough to use Celsius would be really cool, if such a thing exists. I don’t know where else I’d ask a question like this. Sometimes being a Canadian in half-Metric half-Imperial limbo is hard. Read the rest of this entry »


CC Outtake: VW T1 Double Cab Pickup – Nice BRM Speedwell Mags!

There’s a handful of these old VW T1 pickups around, single and double cab. But this one, parked next to a little neighborhood market, has a set of very fine wheels, so I decided to take a closer look at them. I knew they were the wheels that EMPI, which once dominated the VW aftermarket,  used to sell. And that they came from England. But it had been a while, so I needed to immerse myself a bit in their history. Read the rest of this entry »


CC Outtake – Mercedes-Benz X250d – Rebadging at Its Finest

Recently, I received an email from a friend, with this picture followed by a number of question marks.  He couldn’t believe that Mercedes was making a pickup. He has a relative that lives in Switzerland and she spotted this Mercedes X250D on the road.  Seeing as these were just launched at the end of 2017, they are likely still an uncommon sight.

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Vintage Review: 15,000 Mile C&D Comparison Test of 1971 Vega vs. Pinto – A Primer In Why The Japanese Came To Dominate the Passenger Car Market in the US

Return with us now to the good old days of 1971 and relive the joys of new car ownership of Detroit’s import-fighters. After you’ve read this, you’ll know exactly why the Japanese have come to utterly dominate the US market except for trucks. detroit had it coming…

(hat tip to Lokki for turning e onto this at Amazonnews)

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Curbside Capsule: 1989 Pontiac Grand Am LE Coupe – Destination, Mall

Once upon a time, roads and parking lots in the United States were teeming with the Pontiac Grand Am.  When GM’s third attempt at popularizing its model name appeared in the fall of 1984, it was when I was at an age when I was finally allowed to be dropped off at the mall without adult supervision.  It was a rite of passage for many of us who were born in the ’70s & ’80s to be able to go to the mall with our friends, play video games at the arcade, eat in the food court, and, like, totally blow our weekly allowance.  At a time before online shopping was the norm, many of us did actual walking instead of letting our fingers and computer mouses (mice?) do so, virtually.

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Car Show Classic: 2017 Motorclassica – A Hall Of Holden History

As was fitting with the imminent closure of Holden’s Elizabeth factory (Adelaide, South Australia), Holden was one of the featured marques at Motorclassica 2017, and there was a reasonably comprehensive range of models on show to give an overview of the first half of Holden history.  Now in a somewhat unusual move, let’s start before the start… Read the rest of this entry »


COAL: 1990 Volvo 740 Turbo Wagon – In Sweden They Spell Panther Without An “H”



(First posted August 18, 2013) Having always had a thing for wagons, I decided that it would be a good time to own another one.  Although we already had a G20 and an Explorer in the stable, yet somehow I convinced my wife-to-be that our dog would be much more comfortable in a larger wagon.  So off to look we went… Read the rest of this entry »


Wordless Outtake: A Case of Mistaken Identity

(credit for the title goes to Tall T on the YT Forum where I first saw this pic)


CC Outtake: 1986 Mercedes-Benz 190 D – Parked In Front Of A Farmhouse, How Appropriate

In the Netherlands the Mercedes-Benz 190 D (W201-series) was one of the older rural professionals’ favorite set of wheels. It lasted as long as the average farm tractor and they also shared some other characteristics.

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COAL Update: 2016 Lexus ES350 After 10,000 miles

Not me or my car, but it is my color!

I passed “my” first 10,000 miles in the Japanese Buick. Read the rest of this entry »


CC Outtakes: Reunion of Chrysler R-Bodies


First three pictures were taken during Lights and Sirens Cruise, in the summer of 2017, Ferndale Michigan.

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