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Vintage Review: Fiat 850 Spider


R&T used to do “Used Classic Car” articles. This is one of them. Read the rest of this entry »


CC Outtake: The Missing 1986 Chevrolet Sprint – Somebody Got Their Money’s Worth


In the eight years I’ve been shooting cars in Eugene, I’ve seen many come and go. And it appears that one of my favorites has finally gone. I first shot it almost six years, when it lived in my neighborhood and it was for sale. I never wrote it up, but I’ve seen it in daily front-line (ab)use ever since, by whoever bought it and moved it to the Whitaker Neighborhood. And I shot it several times since, always planning to write it up. Now that it has disappeared, it’s time to honor another fallen CC. Read the rest of this entry »


Curbside Classic: 1958 Buick Special – Anything Worth Doing Is Worth Doing To Excess


It is hard to believe that we here at CC have never gotten around to discussing one of the most polarizing cars of the entire 1950s.  But here we are: the 1958 Buick.  Is there really anything that can be added to these pictures?  Perhaps not, but let’s give it a try anyhow, shall we?  It may be the day after Thanksgiving, but there is always room for leftover turkey.

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Hard Drive Swap In Progress: In Case We Go Down For A While

engine swap 4

Thanks to all the heavy traffic, you all have worn out the hard drives in our server in just two years. In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I’ll accept that as a good thing, mostly. The first one croaked a couple of weeks ago, and we went down for the better part of a day. Our hosting facility swapped in a new drive, but the second one is also giving out, so we’re basically running on one, which causes slow-downs and time-outs.  Read the rest of this entry »


Car Show Classics: Autotron November 2015, Diversity Galore ! (Part One)


All vehicles at the Autotron show, usually held three times a year, are for sale. And most of them at affordable prices. Well then, let’s step in a time machine and hop from country to country, from decade to decade. In a random order, just like all the vehicles displayed at the show. Enjoy the flight.

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Vintage Road Test: BMW 320i 5-Speed E21


A driver’s machine if anything else. Read the rest of this entry »


Vintage Review: 1958 Edsel – Let’s Give Thanks For This Turkey


As Americans celebrate Thanksgiving today, we’ll be grateful for family, friends and abundant food. In addition, the car nuts among us can give thanks for the bounty of automotive offerings that are uniquely American. We’ve been blessed with an unprecedented choice in vehicles since the dawn of the automotive age. Whether good, bad or ugly, there have always been 4-wheeled creations available to satisfy almost any car craving. Some of these cars were spectacularly successful, while others were total turkeys.

While we now view the Edsel as the poster child for automotive failure, there was some logic (along with a lot of hubris and bad timing) to its development. As the 1950s progressed and the world worked to leave the horrors of WWII behind, U.S. automakers focused on satisfying the growing American affluence with a dizzying array of mid-priced offerings. Ford felt the need to broaden their upmarket range of cars. So with great fanfare and expense, the new Edsel division was launched. Did the hype and publicity extend to Motor Trend’s reviews of the new cars? Let’s go back in time and take a look.

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Curbside Classic: 1995 – ’97 Ford Probe GT – It Didn’t Name Itself

015 - 1995 - '97 Ford Probe GT CC

The second-generation Ford Probe seemed to have the unfortunate stigma of being an underdog, with tough competition and lower resale values than other cars in its segment.  Some of my Spanish-speaking friends went so far as to call it the “Pobre”.  Sleeping peacefully with its headlamp-doors/eyelids closed, this one seemed at peace with all of that.  By contrast, the first-gen cars, despite being saddled with this unfortunate moniker from the get-go, seemed to get the respect of the automotive press.

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CC Outtake: Ford Capri 3000 GT – A New Dawn

ford capri 1

It’s not often you leave for work in the morning and spy a bonafide Curbside Classic in front of your house. My street is generally quite sparse on Curbside Classics; an old neighbor’s Fiat 131 and Jaguar XJ and another neighbor’s Triumph 2000 left the neighborhood long before I started writing for this site. This morning, though, I was spoilt by this 1970-72 Ford Capri 3000 GT. Read the rest of this entry »


CC Outtake: VW Type 2 and Rabbit Pickups — Zwei Kleine Lastkraftwagen

1969 VW T2 pickup Woodlands TX 20130824

There’s something about the Woodlands, TX, where I currently live, that makes it a bit of a mecca for obscure old vehicles.  They seem to be mostly hidden away in garages and behind gates, but occasionally one will suddenly materialize out of the deep woods, like a shy bunny, and then disappear again. Equally occasionally, I have my camera ready for one of these elusive creatures. Case in point, this rather nice ’69 Volkswagen bay window (T2a) pickup, snapped as it clattered by the car wash where I was a giving my old Subaru one of its rare baths. Given that the owner apparently has a thing for air-cooled, rear-engine trucks, wonder if he’s got a Corvair pickup at home as well? Read the rest of this entry »


Vintage Review: Mercedes Benz S-Class W126


With the exception of W124, this S-class is possibly the best car MB has ever produced. Read the rest of this entry »


CC Outtakes: There’s A Car Hoarder In My Neighborhood


CC 269 003 1200

Being tall has its advantages, such as being able to see over six foot fences. When we walked down a street in my neighborhood that we usually avoid, I couldn’t help but notice the tops of some cars. So I went and took a closer look: it’s a mini junk yard in this back yard! And all of the Big Three are represented , and rather proportionately at that. Read the rest of this entry »


Car Show Classic: 1966 Mercury Colony Park – The Finest This Side Of The Lincoln Continental?


1966 sales literature proudly proclaimed the Mercury Colony Park as “The finest this side of the Lincoln Continental”, and 1968 even claimed “If Lincoln Continental made a wagon, this would be it”. Yet in spite of what Mercury’s marketing wanted you to believe, this was sadly never the case.

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Curbside Classic: 1926 Ford Model T Coupe: T Stands For Tall

(first posted 7/11/2011)   I have two regrets about taking on this CC. One, I couldn’t shoot myself standing in front of it. And two, I won’t be able to do the Model T full justice in the short time available (it would take a book or two). But today is a celebration of sorts: cars for tall folks as well as the diversity of cars (and writers) that make up Curbside Classics. So let’s celebrate by honoring the most important car of all time. And one of the tallest ones ever. Read the rest of this entry »


CC For Sale: 1992 Subaru Loyale Wagon – Already Gone

CC 268 009 1200

Subarus are the official car of Eugene. I can’t find the statistics, but there’s no doubt that it’s the best selling car in Lane County, and Oregon, for that matter. Subarus are the top selling vehicle (trucks included) in Washington, Colorado, Maine and Connecticut. They long took over the role that Volvo once had, and then some. But this is hardly a new phenomena here; Subies have been selling well here since the 70s. Which means there’s old ones that need to be sold off, like this 1992 Loyale.  Read the rest of this entry »