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Dealer Classic: The Brain Melting Cars of Classic Autos Restored Simply, LLC

While we normally don’t cover dealerships on Curbside Classic, Classic Autos Restored Simply, LLC (CARS – get it?) is a very special dealership that I stumbled upon in the tiny hamlet of Beloit, Ohio. I must give props to my awesome wife Kristen, who was riding shotgun with me at the time when I stumbled upon this find, and indulged me 30 minutes of shooting pictures of what to her surly must have just been junk. As an added bonus, it was late in the day when I found this place (the Magic Hour, as photographers refer to it), so the lighting was phenomenal.

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Cohort Classic: Jeep FC-170 – Jeep’s Unconventional Truck Is Still At Work Hauling Gravel

Mike Hayes has managed to catch a rare vehicle, one that has not yet made its appearance at CC. And it was hauling a load of gravel no less, in true CC fashion. Let’s take a closer look at the long wheelbase version of Jeep’s legendary (if not very successful) forward control truck, the FC 170. Read the rest of this entry »


Curbside Outtake: 1956 Ford Country Sedan – Ready to Haul

Here’s another well-patinaed outtake from our recent travels out West, a 1956 Ford Country Sedan (six passenger) spotted in Flagstaff, Arizona. Pinning this car down was a little challenging, as the eight passenger variant appears to use a different sidesweep trim piece, with the dip located on the front doors. The Country Sedan was the mid-level offering in Ford’s wagon lineup during this era.

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COAL: 1985 VW Gol BX – The Beetle’s Spiritual Successor?


Since at least the 70’s, sometimes more often than others, foreign manufacturers have been designing products tailored to fit the specifics of the Brazilian car market. It is debatable if it leads to better or worse products (well, the whole concept of better/worse is subjective to ones tastes and concepts) than “off the shelf” projects from the respective parent company but at least a handful times it has been very successful: that’s the case of the Chevrolet Onyx and VW Brasília to name just a couple. My first car was one example of this strategy, and being a first car owned for almost three years it was a companion to many happy events and lifetime decisions. Welcome to the story of my 1985 VW Gol BX.

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CC Outtake: Brinks Mash-up

Here’s what you get when you mix a Brinks truck, a Corolla….. and a duck!


Miniature Classic: 1969 Dodge Charger R/T In The Michigan Building – Fantasy Garage

As of today, it has been just over three, short weeks since the annual Curbside Classic meetup was held in the greater Detroit area.  Despite never having met any fellow readers or contributors in person prior to the meetup, more than a few seemed instantly familiar, and I found it fun to match the faces, voices and live personalities of other Curbsiders with some of the posts and comments I had remembered reading.

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CC Capsule: Holden Monaro GTS 350 (HT) – Australia’s Chevelle SS Or GTO

(first posted 2/21/2012)     The irrepressible Bryce found this Monaro GTS 350 slaking its thirst the other day. Given the cost of fuel down under, that’s going to hurt a bit. Bryce didn’t leave any commentary, or even the model, so I had to dig through wiki to figure out that it’s an HT model, or a 1970 model. Beyond that, I’m not going to be able to add a whole lot, except that like so many Holdens, it looks like a cross between an Opel and a Chevy. Read the rest of this entry »


CC Capsule: 2003-05 Mercury Grand Marquis Ultimate – Truth In Advertising?

Merriam-Webster defines the word “ultimate” as:

  1. the last in a progression or series, or;
  2. the best or most extreme in its kind.

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QOTD: What Kind of Car is This?

I’ve been blogging here at Curbside Classic for six months now (and loving every minute of it, BTW), but I still don’t feel quite like a true auto journalist. It feels like something is missing… A paycheck? No… Crappy manufacturer sponsored junkets to events where I have to fight with dozens of other journalists for wheel time, only to get a cease-and-desist letter for violating the press embargo? No, not that either…

I know what I need to boost my auto journo cred: A spy shot!

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CC Outtake: Two High-Roof Four Wheel Drives With Obvious Similarities and Differences

These two caught my eye in this parking lot, as they share some similarities despite the obvious differences. Like what?

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CControversial Question: Who Made The First All-Steel Station Wagon?

A recent re-run of Paul’s article on the 1946 Willys Jeep Station Wagon prompted this question in me, which I thought I should share with the wider CCommunity. The very definition of the station wagon may be hard to pin down (I will propose mine, but it’s not necessarily yours), but I’m not sure the Peugeot 402 pictured above would agree to a claim by Willys or Plymouth as “the first all-steel wagon”.

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Tom Halter’s Cars of a Lifetime Series

COAL Series by Tom Halter

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Curbside Outtake: 1972 1971 VW Beetle – One of These Things is Not Like the Other

Here’s another Outtake from our recent stop in Hannibal, MO, and one which juxtaposes two forms of transportation that were/are very popular in their day; the VW Beetle and the small SUV (note the license plate on the Escape).

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Curbside Classics: 1980 – 1983 Toyota Corolla – The Datsun 510 Doppelgänger

(first posted 11/10/2011)     My mother famously hates the Toyota Corolla. You see our family owned a lightly used example back in 1984 when we moved to Houston, Texas for just six months. I believe it was a 1981 four door sedan model and brown. I’m not exactly sure what its crime was, but she has always exclaimed that it was “awful, just awful” without any real explanation as to why. To this day she dismisses Corollas without a second thought from any potential car-shopping list. The car we left back at home was a 1978 Datsun 510 station wagon, so I can hardly imagine there would be much difference in the driving dynamics, but at least the Datsun did have a five speed manual. Was she the only person on the globe who hated the Corolla so much? Read the rest of this entry »


Dash Cam CC: 1961 Chevrolet Apache Suburban

Driving with my wife and son to a relative’s Bar Mitzvah event (oh God…), I spotted- only just- a big, dark, familiar shape coming towards me in the opposite lane. Read the rest of this entry »