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Vintage Snapshot: Great Smoky Mountains Overlook; Early 1950s – Who Can ID Them All?

CC Commenter Sally Sublette sent me this shot of a Great Smokey Mountains overlook, shot sometime in the early 1950s. Once someone IDs the newest car, we’ll know the exact year. And all the cars. Have fun enjoying the scenery.


Curbside Classic: 1980 Ford Fairmont Futura – Back to the Futura

(first posted 8/8/2012)    Sometimes history really does repeat itself.  Consider the Fairmont Futura:  Both the car (in concept) and the name had been in showrooms before.  Both times, it had the same job to do, and it did it well.  Like its namesake, the Falcon Futura, the Fairmont Futura would do its thing in a modest and competent way until being more-or-less replaced by another car – the Mustang.

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The Parking Lot Classics of Lane Community College

This fall I had occasion to make numerous trips to Lane Community College (“LCC”), due to my son breaking his foot. Paul’s taxi service; and the xB does make a rather good taxi, almost the next best thing to a Checker. One day I decided to make a quick tour of the various parking lots and see what students drive these days, other than the usual boring semi-recent-vintage sedans and CUVs.

Because I didn’t want to arouse suspicions or the campus security, I shot very quickly, and as a result, a few of them turned out to have bad focus, as my old iphone 5S takes its time doing that. But you’ll still recognize them. And I’m also saving the best two finds for the end, to make you at least scroll through them all. Read the rest of this entry »


Automotive History: French Deadly Sins (Sports/Luxury Edition, Part 2) – Facel-Vega Facellia

Welcome to part two of this new round of French Deadly Sins. As we saw yesterday, Bugatti was an old marque at the end of its rope, but by the late ‘50s, French luxury and sports cars were limited to one name: Facel-Vega. The marque was launched in 1954 and produced minute quantities of extremely high-end cars (mostly for export) with considerable success. But when Facel-Vega tried to move slightly downmarket and launch a 4-cyl. model, they committed a very Deadly Sin…

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Bus Stop Classic: 1954-58 Fitzjohn Roadrunner – Another Casualty of the GM Juggernaut

The bus above is a Fitzjohn Roadrunner, an intercity model manufactured by the Fitzjohn Coach Corp in Muskegon Michigan, from 1954-58.  The Roadrunner was the final bus produced by the company before it closed it doors.  As with Beck, ACF-Brill, Aerocoach, and others, Fitzjohn was a company that found itself unable to compete with “The General” in the post WW II urban transit and intercity bus markets.  Let’s take a quick look at the company and this last model to wear its badge… Read the rest of this entry »


COAL: 2006 Saab 9-2 – Saab Story #2 – Short-Lived Orphan

The 9-2x Aero - Mine was the same colour, minus the hood scoop and different rims

The 9-2x Aero – Mine was the same colour, minus the hood scoop and different rims


After my Bonneville had sold much more quickly than I was expecting, I found myself in a situation where I needed a car – fast.

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CC Outtake: Honda del Sol – Let The Sunshine In, To the Engine Compartment

Here’s a different approach to either: a.) lightening you car; b.) showing off your green Vtec engine;  or c.) keeping your engine well washed in our rainy winters.  Read the rest of this entry »


Vintage Snapshots: Camping Trailers in the 50s and 60s

Let’s take a look at Americans and Canadians on vacation with their travel and tent trailers in the 50s and 60s. These old snapshots archived at  That ’55 Chrysler won’t be struggling with its little load. Read the rest of this entry »


CC Capsule: 1977 Pontiac Trans Am – Bandit to Me

Once there was a time when clapped out second-generation GM F-bodies were a common sight on the road. With over 2 million Camaros and 1 million Firebirds produced between 1970 and 1981, they were plentiful.  This in turn made them affordable: Cheap enough that any Bandit wannabe worth his mullet could afford a worn out second-hand example (and let’s be honest here, it was almost always a him). First generation F-bodies, in contrast, were never very common, at least not in my lifetime.

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Curbside Classic (Re)Visits The 2008 New York International Auto Show, Part 1


Organizing files electronically isn’t really that much different from the “real” thing. As long as you label, sort, and store items in a consistent fashion you should have no problem finding important pieces of information for future reference. Back in 2008 I wasn’t too concerned with keeping my digital affairs in order, and the consequences resulted in the presumed loss of hundreds of pictures. Turns out I was just a lazy 22 year old who decided to let the software to my old digital camera name the folders where these pictures would reside. Today’s trip down memory lane is brought to you by folder “0009” by way of the Nikon Coolpix app, circa 2008.  Read the rest of this entry »


Automotive History: French Deadly Sins (Sports/Luxury Edition, Part 1) – Bugatti Type 101

Welcome to another edition of the French Deadly Sins. Over the next three days, we will focus on three sports/luxury cars made in France from the ‘50s, ‘60s and ‘70s that spelled doom for their makers. First up, going chronologically, let’s take a moment to remember the legendary Bugatti and explore the hallowed marque’s disastrous last model.

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CC Outtake: 1928 Ford Model A – It Is Snowy Out, Eh

Canadians are well known for our cold, snowy winters, and the for adding the word ‘eh’ at the end of statements and questions. This Ford Model A (or Model Eh) owner appears to be a little more hardy than the average Canadian as his car is out in the snow without even side curtains. The A is unlikely to have a heater either as they were rare accessories. Additionally there is a Canadian twist to how these Model A were put together.

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Curbside Classic: 1966 Lancia Flaminia Super Sport – Gotta Catch ’em All

images posted at the Cohort by Nicky D

A fun fact about the Lancia Flaminia: When they were filming The Italian Job (the one that actually was filmed in Italy with the particularly annoying ending, that is) and realized they couldn’t just crush an Aston Martin DB4 and hurl it off of a cliff; they decided that a Flaminia Coupe would do a very decent stand-in. Good thing it wasn’t one of these.

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Cohort Capsule: 1980-1983 Chrysler Cordoba – We Don’t Like What They’ve Done To Our Car

images posted at the Cohort by cjcz92

The downsized 1980 Continental Mk VI—which we looked at here the other day—is pretty universally seen as a botched styling job, what with its truncated body and way too boxy and upright greenhouse. Given how much the gen2 Cordoba looks like its beloved predecessor Mark V, you’d think its arrival in 1980 would have sparked some defection and consumption, especially given that it cost half as much (of course that’s not necessarily a positive). But no; the gen2 Cordoba was a genuine dud. We’ll, it’s first year (1980) wasn’t exactly a total disaster, as it sold some 53k units, down from 88k in 1979.

But that was its high water mark, and the ebb went unabated until it quietly slipped away after a dismal 13k units in 1983. Buyers had moved on to newer and more attractive coupes, and the Cordoba became just another relic from the 70s Chrysler RWD era to be swept away in the face of the new K cars, in this case the diminutive LeBaron. Out with old; in with the New Chrysler. Read the rest of this entry »


In Motion Outtakes: Brits On The Move Part 2 – Jags

I delete almost all my blurred shots. They’re not deliberate; they happen by accident as I’m scrabbling to pull my phone out of my pocket, swipe unlock the screen, find the camera button, and press it. This one somehow worked.

It’s a short wheelbase 1968-73 Series 1 XJ. They sold heaps more of these than the LWB version back then. Here the shorter cabin and deep chin conspire with lens distortion and blur to pull the car forward.

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