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CC Clue


It’s hard to say whether or not this is a difficult clue.  However, some intrepid person here will undoubtedly nail it.

For the record, it isn’t a Dodge Dakota, Ford F-250, or Dodge Ram pickup!


eBay Find: 1986 Dodge Omni GLHS – Muscle Geek


Anyone got $16k lying around? That’s how much it will cost to make this Omni GLH Shelby a part of your fleet.  It’s just the thing for those of you who enjoy buying new front tires and rotating them on a regular basis.  Or for those of you in the mood to scare the wits out of a passenger who has no idea what these cars are capable of.

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CC Capsule: Custom Cadillac Seville – Old School Custom

Cadillac Seville custom

A recent business trip to California allowed me a little curbside classic hunting opportunity out in the sun rather than in the snow. My favorite find was this retro-inspired custom Cadillac Seville.

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CC Capsule: 1979 Jeep J10 – Forgotten Gladiator

2014-04-14 11.29.10

Here’s a machine I haven’t seen in years, a full-size Jeep pickup.  It seems like the few I’ve seen always have a wooden or otherwise non-original bed, and with this example, it only adds to its somewhat whimsical charm.

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Auto-Biography/Curbside Classic (And Bonus Trackside Classic): 1972 Cadillac Coupe DeVille – The Very First CC, Five Years Later

Pictography 2 023 776 crop-vert dates

Five years ago, I encountered this 1972 Coupe DeVille on one a walk near downtown Eugene. It inspired a story, which became the first Curbside Classic, in March of 2009 at TTAC. Little did I know that it would spawn a very successful series and a dedicated web site two years later. So I decided to revisit the old Caddy, to see how much it’s changed. The answer: A whole lot less than I have.

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CC Outtake: Three Old Japanese Cars At The Kiva And An American Interloper

CC 224 063 1200

The Kiva is downtown Eugene’s health food store (do they call them that anymore; there’s just about nothing else but that around here anymore). As such, it attracts higher quotient of old Japanese steel than usual, like these three I spotted there the other day. What’s up with all these neo-510s? I shot and posted one just recently, at a shoe store. But that’s not all that was parked there that day, and the fourth car is a decidedly different animal. Read the rest of this entry »


Curbside Classic: Classic Roadsters Sebring MX – Austin Healey 3000 Wannabe


Here’s something I didn’t expect to see outside a grocery store in Utah.  The badging says Austin Healey, but the flares, louvers and faux wire wheels all say Classic Roadsters Sebring MX. Read the rest of this entry »


Vacation CC Clue

Clue 1

Hint:  Seen outside a grocery store in Utah


CC Outtake: A Streetscape Snapshot From Eugene: Can You ID Them All?

CC 128 071 1200click on image for full size



Wordless Outtake: Panther Recycling


Note the license plate frame…


Project XJ6: A (Somewhat) Wordless Outtake


Just as the last of the snow had melted, and I was finally ready to begin my tank-finding excursion… another foot of the white stuff just had to fall. No joke – this was taken just a few days ago.

It doesn’t look like I’ll be able to crawl around under any junkyard cars today. At least I’ll have time to work on my (rather ambitious) spring cleaning inside the shop, which will make for much more enjoyable pictures once work resumes.

Worried that winter will never end? Me too. But never fear–despite this minor setback, we’ll still be making a bit of progress this week. As was the case last Friday, the coming Junkyard Outtake will feature another Project XJ6 tie-in.


The Ultimate CC Road Trip: 1989 Cadillac Limo On Two Year Trip From Patagonia To Alaska

CC 224 054 1200

What are the odds? Of someone from Argentina driving CC’s favorite car (GM B-Body) on an extended multi-year meandering voyage from Patagonia in Argentina to Alaska? And of me just happening to be walking up Willamette Street, noticing a Caddy limo, and whipping out my camera, on the very moment they were cruising through Eugene? And not fully realizing what I was shooting until I read the sign on the side window. As my father would have said: “Holy Mackerel”. And a mighty big one at that. Read the rest of this entry »


Curbside Classic: 1947 Plymouth Coupe Deluxe – Picking Up Where They Left Off

photo 1-1

The first truly warm day after a harsh winter brought out a fair number of Bloomington’s classic cars a few weeks ago and the tall, narrow and round proportions of this P15 Plymouth made it impossible to ignore.  At sixty-seven years old, it falls somewhat outside our purview at CC, but it’d be wrong not to share it with you.  It’s an excellent example of very early post-war automotive design and benefits from its restorers’ great attention to detail. Read the rest of this entry »


QOTD: eBay Edition – Malaise Era Coupes

Screenshot 2014-04-21 19.24.27

I went into this post hoping to do what would be my first eBay find, but the extensive choices I came across made it posed a challenge.  Did I want to go with a Broughamy crowd pleaser, or did I want to go with a Perrymobile?  Well, the Omni GLH-S and Mazda RX2 which I found fall into the latter category and will be posted some other time, so for now, enjoy this host of six plush mid-seventies to early-eighties coupes.

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