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Curbside Classic: 1994 Chrysler LeBaron Landau – Defiance Is Best Served With A Heavy Hand Of Brougham

Ahh the K-car. So much can be said about it as a whole and its various derivatives, and quite honestly, so much has already been said about it here at this publication, ranging from admiration to utter disgust. Ultimately, after some 15 years of production and mutation, Chrysler did quickly phase out every last K-car derivative to make way for its modern Cab Forward styled cars. One of the very last K-cars, this final generation LeBaron sedan has been detailed here before, though not entirely in its ultimate Landau form. The last of its kind in so many ways, among them, the 1994 LeBaron Landau holds the distinction of being the last Chrysler equipped with a factory vinyl roof, and the last American car featuring button-tufted loose pillow style seats.

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QOTD: Have You Ever Made A Really Stupid Mistake?

Last Monday, I did what everyone who transfers from driving a petrol fuelled car to a diesel fuelled car, or has a mixed fuel fleet, always dreads. I misfuelled my Alfa Romeo Giulietta. And, yes, you do feel a complete idiot when you do it. Read the rest of this entry »


COAL: 2011 Mercedes-Benz GL450 4Matic – Straight Outta Tuscaloosa! (Now With Updates!)


(First Posted January 10, 2016 – This originally appeared out of order since we still had it during the original run of this series, now it is in the correct chronological purchase order)  And…I’m back with more of what our dear late contributor Kevin Martin named my “extended test drives”!  It’s been almost two years (four and half now) (February 6, 2014) since we traded in our 2012 VW Touareg TDI (presciently dodged that resale bullet in 2014 which with further hindsight would have turned into a TDI ka-ching payout had we kept it) on a Certified Pre-Owned Mercedes built by the fine workers at the factory in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, U.S.A. Read the rest of this entry »


Vintage R&T Review: 1976 Toyota Celica Liftback – “A Much Improved Car”

1976 brought not just the new Liftback version of the popular Celica, but all the Celicas had significant improvements, including a longer wheelbase, wider track, bigger and wider wheels and tires, among others. It was practically a whole new generation. And ride, handling and braking were all significantly improved, in areas where its predecessor had been a bit weak. The result was a better car overall.

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CC Global: 2008 Volkswagen T5 2.5 TDI And 2006 Hapert Drawbar Trailer – The Towing Transporter

Je kunt mij huren, it says on the trailer’s side; You can rent me. And that’s exactly what folks here do when they’ve got something to haul, just rent a trailer and hook it up to your own vehicle. After the job is done, you bring it back to the rental company.

The towing vehicle can be anything, from a B-segment hatchback to a big SUV. Depending on the trailer’s size and weight, of course. The other day, my neighbor obviously needed something bigger than the widely used single- or tandem axle trailer.

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COAL: 1992 Pontiac Bonneville SE – The Next Generation

Note: None of the pictures in this post are of the actual car

Since we had received good service from our 1989 Bonneville, we decided that the next “new to us” car would be the 1992 Bonneville.  A friend had told us that the local dealer had one in the service bay, so we went over to check it out.

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Storage Field Classic: The Very Advanced (But Mostly Forgotten) Rover 2000TC

(first posted 11/7/2012)      Before BMW had the European sports sedan genre covered, there was the Rover 2000TC. Based on a lively, rear-wheel drive platform, it combined impeccable handling with a dash of classic British luxury. Taking a strategic cue from BMW’s 1600/2002 range, Rover used their 2000/2000TC line to inject a little life into a familiar and rather staid line up. Although the Rover 2000TC, unlike the BMW 2002, is relatively unknown to North American enthusiasts, it might well be even more worthy of our attention.

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Cohort Capsule: Toyota Sports 800 – Toyota’s First Sports Car

posted at the Cohort by William Rubano


We’ve covered Honda’s brilliant S500/600/800 sports car, which had tiny high-winding DOHC fours that revved up to 9,500rpm and made up to 70hp. Toyota was undoubtedly shocked by that, and felt they had to offer something in the same category too. The result was the little Sports 800, powered by an 800cc version of the air-cooled boxer twin from the Publica 700 sedan. It made a still-decent 45 hp but at a mere 5400 rpm. But if it wasn’t exactly a screamer like the Hondas, it was still a fun little bomb on Japan’s roads at the time.

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CC Outtake: Cadillac STS Arts and Science Brougham

How did Cdillac come up with that name “Arts and Science” anyway? Seemed kind of dumb at the time, even if it did represent a fairly new direction stylistically. Well, here’s a blending of brougham art and science, if one can dare to use the term “art” in the same sentence as “brougham”.

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Curbside Outtake: Honda S660, Daihatsu Copen, and Daihatsu Move Canbus – My Top 3 Favorite Kei Cars

CC has covered several of Japan’s small “minicars”; referred to in Japanese as the “kei jidosha” class of automobiles. One of my favorites is Paul’s “bucket list” drive of an original Subaru 360. It brought back memories of a Suzuki Cervo that belonged to a buddy during my first military tour in Japan in 1981. Like Paul, I’m long of torso (6’6″), and my first time climbing in was memorable. He asked if I wanted to drive, so I tried to cram myself into the driver’s seat – but there was just not enough room. My legs were bent about as far as they would go and I still couldn’t safely manipulate the pedals. Switching, I was able to fold myself into the passenger seat, but just barely and in significant discomfort. Fast-forward, and Japan’s minicars, though still relatively small, have made immense progress over the intervening thirty-five some years. Here are three that if I was in the market, I’d cruise on down for a test drive… Read the rest of this entry »


COAL: 1987 Nissan Sentra – Brown Frown

It was so promising.  In need of a car, one presented itself.  A basic little Japanese 5-speed sedan, no frills – so what could possibly go wrong?  Something major, repeatedly. Read the rest of this entry »


The Painted Cars of Eugene: 1997 Nissan Altima – Circles

Time for another Painted Cars of Eugene chapter. Here we have a gen1 Altima, which are becoming a bit thin in the roads of Havana, Oregon despite their inherent durability. And this one is a bit less eclectic than most, given that the artwork is all in circles.

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COAL: 1957 Buick Roadmaster Riviera – Master Of The Road, And Of My Memories

(first posted 11/20/2012)      The place is Chihuahua, Mexico. The year is 1967, and there are only a few thousand cars on the local roads. It’s no wonder this one in particular left an indelible impression on my young mind and heart.

I was a first-grader in elementary school, and every day my school teacher, Miss Chabela (María Isabel García de Legarreta) would arrive at school driving a fabulous two-tone Roadmaster. Its exterior colors, white ivory and red brick, seemed to meld seamlessly into the similar hues of the interior. The first time I saw the Buick, I was mesmerized by its dimensions as much as by the shape of its body, which was so completely different from anything else I’d seen in my six years. The picture of my beloved and dear Miss Chabela driving her Buick has lingered in my mind ever since. It’s something hard to forget: You see, she was the very image of class and elegance, and had somehow bequeathed those qualities to the Roadmaster, which enhanced its magnificent looks, opulence and quiet stance all the more. Read the rest of this entry »


Auction Classic: 1969 Mercedes-Benz 600 – 218 Inches of Bankruptcy

Well folks, I have postponed it for a while. I wanted to never have to do it. But I am afraid here it comes. The “Sorry I have not written enough posts”. It’s awkward to do, and very annoying, but on the bright side it is at least a damn sight easier than the job of restoring this Mercedes 600 will be.

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Curbside Cadaver: 1989 Buick Riviera – Another CC Down For the Count

Here’s another in my series of curbside cadavers. As much as I’m not exactly a fan of these, it’s always a bit sad to see another old car take a KO hit to the chin.

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