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Cohort Outtake: The Three-Wheeled-SBC-Nitro-Powered Wood Throne

Well, it’s Friday afternoon, so how about we unwind with something a bit outlandish? E3C4 posted these pics of a trike from the Bangor Daily News, and it’s a real gem. Initially, I thought that the high throne was for the driver, but a closer inspection suggests that one would have to have exceptionally long arms (and legs) to make that work. Too bad. But whoever is riding up there is going to have quite a view, as well as be on display. Read the rest of this entry »


Curbside Classic: Holden WB Ute – The Enduring Machine

The WB Holden occupies a unique place in the Australian automotive landscape, having been the last ute produced by “Australia’s Own” car maker for many years.  While the number has been reduced, there are still a lot of WB Holdens out there earning a living and it was a pretty unique case.

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CC For Sale: 1983 Saab 900 – A Genuine Eugene-mobile

How about a counterpoint to that Challenger 4×4? This is about as polar-opposite as it gets, a safe, low and modestly-powered Saab sedan. I shot it last spring, so I have doubts as to whether it’s still available, but you can always buy it vicariously. And thus avoid the “minor issues easily and cheaply fixed”. Read the rest of this entry »


CC For Sale: 1972 Dodge Challenger 4×4 – *Price Lowered* $28,000

Since we’re all in such an open-minded state, how about a high riser of a different stripe to challenge our sensibilities? TBM3FAN forwarded me this ad. From the ad copy: Read the rest of this entry »


Car of a Lifetime: 2017 Dodge Challenger: La Esposita Buys a Car



We were not attempting to replicate the infamous 1969 Charger ad. Honest.


One day in the Fall of ’16 I came home from a hard day of hard daying and declared:

“Wife!  You need a new car!”

Without so much as a glance up from her Hamster Collector game on the phone she retorted, “I like my car.  There’s nothing wrong with my car.  Go away, leave my car alone, I know how you are.”

And what, you ask, exactly was wrong with her white ’08 Honda Accord Sedan with a mere 62k on the odometer?  Simple: I’d grown weary of looking at it.  La Esposita was perfectly content with her beast I’d dubbed Moby, the Great White Honda, and she’d a puttered about the Union of the States for most likely the rest of her days happily cocooned in it’s five star crash rating, mouse fuzz seat material that my aunt in Arkansas proclaimed “really nice”, and haplessly inept Honda AC, which from day one had received a “tries his best” comment on it’s report card, but was sadly outclassed by Central California’s 8 months a year of Bessemer Process sizzle.  So how to talk her out of the Great White Honda?


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Curbside Classic: 1974 BMW 3.0 CSi Automatic – Sixties Beauty Turns Into Seventies Beast

If it weren’t for those silly BBS rims, this might just be my dream coupé. Just the right amount of sleek, aggressive, chrome and proportions – this one has it all. Though the BMW 3.0 CS has been featured in CC several times before, I couldn’t resist this one, especially since it lacks the 5mph bumpers found in other posts. I’ve recently been won over to this version of the BMW coupé after years of preferring the earlier 2000 CS. Add to this the CC effect (a recent post by my esteemed CColleague and partner in CCrime, Don Andreina, just a day before I found this car), and we have the makings of a BMW love-fest. So rubber up, it’s going to get sticky.

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CC Capsule: 2002 Mitsubishi Magna Ralliart – On A Wing And A (Bright Yellow) Prayer

It seemed like Mitsubishi was channelling Pontiac for a while there in the 90s and early 00s. Both had somewhat of a sporty image due to their high-performance offerings. With its third-generation Eclipse, Mitsubishi started to dabble in cladding. The twin-nostril grilles on Mitsubishis also became more pronounced. So did the body kits, as evidenced by this Magna Ralliart.  Read the rest of this entry »


COAL Hunting: Here We Go Again

I’ve been on the Facebook marketplace for kicks. It does have some merit I’m sure; after all, I did find my used AMG wheels there. Let’s take a virtual tour of what’s on offer within 50 miles of me.

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CC Wordless Outtake: Suddenly It’s 1997

just another street in Eugene, 2017



COAL: 2013 Mercedes-Benz GLK 350 4Matic – Teutonic Proficiency

Despite having now owned her 2013 Mercedes GLK for four and a half years, it recently occurred to me that I haven’t written much about Mom’s current daily driver, except for in comments and briefly in my mother’s day tribute to her a few years back. Especially considering that a new addition will soon be arriving in our driveway, I thought there was no better time than now to give the Benz a proper review.

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QOTD: Are We Going To Be Able To Show Donks For Sale at CC? And Other Cars That Are Outside of Your Comfort Zone?

Our recently expanded look at CCs For Sale had a serious shadow side that seems to erupt every time we show a picture of a donk. As in comments that are excessively negative and spill over into racism/stereotyping/generalizations/put downs/etc.. I understand that we all have our preferences in cars, and how they should be used/customized/modified. But (thankfully), it’s a free country in terms of creative automotive expression, and we might all try a bit harder to widen our comfort zone and avoid falling for the easy traps.

Here’s a suggestion: lighten up, and tap into your sense of humor or wonder. Isn’t this straight out of a fantastic dream or comic book, a kid’s toy in full-size? Wow; truly amazing. And who gives a damn how it drives or handles? Read the rest of this entry »


eBay Classic: 1974 Chevrolet Vega LX – Grandma’s Last Car

It’s been a while since we’ve had a new entry in The Great Vega Hunt, and this one was simply too good to pass up, despite it being a mere eBay find (how much better to see one in the wild!).

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CC Outtakes: Lancias By Night

Shooting at night with my cameraphone is a haphazard affair, but somehow I’ve managed to capture three nocturnal Lancias with some success. These shots aren’t technically correct or proficient, but in their distortion they bring their own flavour to the subject.

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CC Global: 1955 Citroën Light Fifteen – Anglo-French Asian Fusion

Here’s something I really did not expect to see in Thailand: a British-made Traction Avant. These were quite popular in nearby Indochina for a long while, but it seems even the Thais got a few shipped in back in the day. Only thing was Thailand was (and still is) RHD-only, so I guess it must have made sense to import these via Citroën’s British branch, based in Slough, Buckinghamshire.

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COAL: 1993 Lincoln Town Car Jack Nicklaus Edition – A Hole In One

It’s funny how things can come full circle – I grew up around my dad’s 93 Lincoln Town Car, but I never really loved it as much as I did my Pap’s Cadillacs or his 83 Oldsmobile 98 Regency. But it was one of the first cars I learned how to work on, helping Dad replace the brake pads and rotors, spark plugs, and after the relay/fuse box caught fire, dig into electrical system to have the car floating down the road again. And here I am, tooling around in a ’93 TC, and a Jack Nicklaus Edition at that. And I won it, in a contest, although not on the links. Read the rest of this entry »