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Wordless Outtake: Off By An N


(Submitted by Hatman)


Cohort Sighting: Ranchero And El Camino – Mutual Respect

Screenshot 2014-07-30 14.53.32

These two has-been rivals were spotted out on the Great Plains by jmg3rd during a rare moment of harmony.  Like spotting Larry Bird and Magic Johnson out on the town together, one can imagine the years having softened any obvious animosity the two share in favor of appreciation of the great deal they have a lot in common.  Wearing the same basic fashion, with similar proportions, you can almost imaging them discussing the more memorable events of their long-gone heyday.

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Classic Snapshot From 1961: Gregoire Sport Cabriolet – Front Overhang Pioneer

Time to flip open the 1961 Auto-parade again. This time, it’s a car I’ve seen numerous times in these vintage catalogs, but didn’t know enough about. Time to do a little digging: Andre Gregoire was a true pioneer in automotive technology, having invented the Tracta universal joint that advanced the state of front wheel drive technology. In the twenties and early thirties , a series of Tracta models were built, but the firm was wiped out in 1934. But Gregoire planned a comeback: Read the rest of this entry »


CC Capsule: 1949 Dodge House Car – Ramblin’ Dodge

CC 230 106 1200

“House Car” is a somewhat archaic term, but that seem rather suitable to this very fine rig. This 1949 Dodge truck served for almost three decades as a fire truck, and has been re-purposed into a well-built traveling home. The attention to detail and effort put into it is decidedly better than average, and it’s very much roadworthy. It’s from Arizona, and was passing through after a stop at the Oregon Country Faire, an event that tends to attract rigs of this sort. Read the rest of this entry »


Car Show Classic: 1972 AMC Javelin Pierre Cardin – No, Really…


We here at CC simply don’t do things part way.  Maybe we have all been schooled by the Teutonic discipline of our founder, but we just can’t stand to see a job left unfinished.  Which is why we have been in such anguish on the topic of AMC’s designer cars from the 1970s.  After we brought you a 1974 Oleg Cassini Matador and then a 1972 Gucci Sportabout, we have been wringing our collective hands over the incomplete status of our collection of these most fashionable Kenoshans.  Of course, we have Curbside Correspondents in SoCal, the PNW and other areas of old-car spotting heaven who continually delight us with their rare finds.  But when the chips are down and heavy lifting is required, it’s just time to come to the Midwest, that’s all.  Which is where we found the car that completes our set: the 1972 Pierre Cardin Javelin.

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CC Outtake: Help! These Astro Door Handles On My Back Are Killing Me

CC 230 101 1200 crop

Poor woman; no wonder she’s in pain. How would you like two Astro door handles sprouting on your back? Read the rest of this entry »


CC Outtake: 1983 Buick Riviera Convertible – Sleek!

07-27-2014 180

I recently attended the annual car show in the tiny Swedish enclave of Bishop Hill, IL. I will likely be posting some of the more remarkable cars from that show at some point (so many cars, so little time) but in the meantime I wanted to share this lovely red 1983 Buick Riviera convertible.

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CC Outtake: 1971 Mercury Comet – My Mother (And) The Car

photo 1 (3)

Social Networking can bring about some really awkward interactions with parents if they are young enough and/or technologically savvy. In my case, they center around my mother and her opinions on some of the curbside classics I find and post to Facebook from time to time. Due to her direct experience as a fashion conscious (and cautious) teenager in the mid 1970s, a number of classic cars can elicit some pretty strong memories.

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CC Outtake: We Do Things A Bit Differently In Eugene

CC 230 114 1200

Like how we cover our cars. We don’t cover the tops; our magical healing rains not only prevent rust, but actually reverse the aging process. No, we cover the bottoms. Why? You really need to ask? Read the rest of this entry »


Curbside Classic: 1994 BMW 325i (E36) – Have We Moved On?

2014-06-05 11.27.28

“The perfect car,” that’s what the ad for the then-current 3-series, which I remember running on MTV between segments of The Real World San Fransisco and advertisements for Clueless, said. It showed a line of twenty-somethings, slinking toward the camera through a desert landscape with steering wheels, shift knobs and other assorted BMW car parts in their hands, with a voiceover extolling the virtues of the then-current 3-series with no implication of expense or of prestige. But even then, I knew the advertisement was full of it; both my parents worked full time, both were professionals and they were looking at Galants and Altimas. Despite all the appeals to rationality and athleticism, the smallest BMW was primarily a status symbol.

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Cohort Outtake: 1990 Oldsmobile Cutlass Ciera International Series – Most Likely To Succeed


Yellow on sedans doesn’t usually work; no one told Mazda such when they offered the new Mazda6 in yellow during the 2003 season.  That car’s image, for all its Zoom-Zoom marketing, couldn’t justify that loud shade of paint, but that didn’t stop someone from similarly altering this Cutlass Ciera International Series.  Indeed, they might have been inspired by Hiroshima’s failed bid for attention.

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CC Outtake: The Fastest Outtake Ever

Toyota Paseo colorful 1200

No, I don’t mean the Toyota Paseo (“Pauseo”?); based on the Tercel it was not exactly overly fast. I mean the creation of this Outtake, from the time it was photographed to it being put together. Stephanie saw and shot it on a walk with a friend, and was of course taken by its paint job, and sent me the pictures instantly. And since her judgement has been deemed impeccable based on the response to her last choice of car to shoot, I was putting it together by the time she walked in the door. How could I resist, actually? Read the rest of this entry »


Cohort Outtake: 1964 Jensen CV8 MkII – Nice Specs…

Screenshot 2014-07-29 13.22.57

…not really.  This uncommon black coupe, another rare find by r0b0tr10t, doesn’t enjoy quite the reputation one might expect of a Jensen, owing to what are widely perceived to be bizarre looks.  In fact, some sources cite values as having dropped since reaching a high point about twenty years ago.  We’ll let you guys judge, but with its dark fiberglass and aluminum bodywork in such splendid condition, one could be forgiven if they spent the going rate of $25-$30,000 to own this car today.

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Classic Curbside Classic: 1966 – 1973 Opel Kadett (B) – It Dethroned The Volkswagen

For those under a certain age, the name Opel Kadett may be as familiar as Richard Speck, The Troggs, or Valley of the Dolls. Yes, 1966 was a long time ago, but that’s when the second generation of Opel’s VW fighter appeared and knocked down the long-time king of the small car hill. VW should thank Opel for that thumping; it really needed the wake up call that resulted in a new world order, spelled: G-O-L-F.

The Kadett’s role in facilitating that is a major piece of automotive history I’ve been wanting to tell for years, but finding a Kadett in this country has been impossible, despite Opel having dumped almost half a million on our shores. It took my son’s recent trip to the old country to find one, sitting on the street in Innsbruck, no less. Maybe folks back there have a greater appreciation for Kadetts and the role they played; Americans’ fling with the Kadett was a very fleeting one, and perhaps many would just as soon forget it. Not me. Read the rest of this entry »


CC Capsule: 1965 Ford Galaxie 500 Convertible – Straight-Laced In A Curvaceous New World

Ford 1965 Galaxie 500 convert 4

We tend to talk about Ford’s brilliant segment-defining new cars of the 60s, like the Falcon, Fairlane and Mustang. But in the excitement of all of those new cars, it’s easy to overlook a painful reality: Ford’s big cars really languished during the very years those new smaller Fords were introduced. It started in 1960, the year of the Falcon and the controversially-styled new full-sized cars. The worst year was in 1962, when full-sized Chevys outsold the big Fords two-to-one. But Ford was determined to fight back for 1965. Read the rest of this entry »