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COAL: 2008 Honda Civic Hybrid – The Kenmore Of Cars

Back Camera

(First posted 12/29/2013) The burned van had been towed away, the rental car was costing money, and we were about to move halfway across the country but needed a second car beyond the Tahoe and were not ready to commit to a new car payment.  As luck would have it my wife’s friend Erin called and said she was moving away with her FBI husband… Read the rest of this entry »


CC Vee-Dubble Feature: VW ’60 Metal Single Cab & ’58 Paper Microbus (Vintage Review)

Here’s a nifty ’60 VW single-cab pickup parked last week in front of a pop-up junque shop in the high street of Nelson, BC. The guy in the shop asked Read the rest of this entry »


Car Show Outtakes: Five Practical Japanese Family Cars – Something For Everyone

When looking through the pictures I took at a recently held event for Japanese cars, I noticed the five family trucksters, all dressed in white. It was quite a wild variety too, mind you. So I decided to put them all together in this mini-tour. Enjoy.

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COAL: 1980 Buick Skylark – From the X-Files

Note: None of these pictures are of the actual car, but are close.

In 1983, an opportunity presented itself that I could not pass up.  A friend of my sister owned a 1980 Buick Skylark that she decided to sell so she could buy a Buick Century.  This car was somewhat well equipped for a Limited edition, but it did not have power windows, locks, or seats.  It DID have factory air conditioning, which would be a first for me.

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CC Capsule: 1971 Oldsmobile Delta 88 Royale – A Real G-Ride


(first posted 7/27/2013)   Tom Klockau’s post about a ’74 Delta 88 Royale convertible last weekend reminded me of my own photos of a ’71 Delta 88 Royale taken a couple of years ago. It was somebody’s fair-weather driver, and it appeared regularly in the parking lot at work during that summer.

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CC Cinema: Joie Chitwood Thrill Show Stunt Drives the New ’66 Chevys


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Cohort Outtake: Two Disparate Americans in Austria

This shot posted at the Cohort by T. Minor grabbed me before I realized where it was shot, thanks to the rather disparate shapes and colors of these two cars. But finding them side-by-side in Austria is the icing on the Packard’s colorful cake.

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Vintage R&T Review: 1976 Mazda Cosmo – The Rotary’s Last Shot, Outside of Sports Cars – And a Cosmo Ad Insert

The Cosmo was Mazda’s last shot at making (or holding on to) some inroads in the passenger car market. The RX 2 had made such a splash, with its V8-like performance in a compact Japanese car. But the energy crisis put a serious crimp into Mazda’s high hopes, given the intrinsic thirst of the Wankel engine.

The fall back was a more upscale sporty coupe, with decided American design overtones. A Colonnade Mazda, actually, which was not very well received. Mazda was struggling, and would soon ditch the rotary except for the sports car RX-7.

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Four Sentence Outtake: Further Benefits of a CC

Further proof of the benefits of owning a classic car. When our Caravan wouldn’t start, it’s the 1963 Beetle to the rescue.

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COAL: 1983 Chevrolet Cavalier – Green Slug


It seemed like a good idea at the time – a low-mileage, good condition 2-door GM car for $300 – How could you not buy it?  Well…it looked like it had chicken pox when I looked at it – it was artificial-limb beige, and looked like it had a bad case of chicken pox.  The car had random rust blisters all over it – and the lady that owned it scraped the rust off, and dabbed red oxide primer on it.  Oh dear…

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Last Night’s Bad Dreams: Turboflyte and Imperial D’Elegance

Exner Turboflite

(first posted 7/31/2013)    Virgil Exner was a man of many dreams indeed, some better than others. His last one at Chrysler reminds me of some of the dreams I have at night, and I mean that literally. The most amazing “vehicles” appear to me in the depths of the night; if only I could have found a way to record them, I might have become a famous designer too. Exner’s Turboflyte of 1961 perhaps comes closest to one of my “dream cars”. Vivid dreamers! Read the rest of this entry »


Cohort Outtake: The Longest Continental Kit Ever? And on a Non-Continental Lincoln At That

Is there an award for the longest continental spare extension ever? If so, this ’57 Lincoln that William Oliver posted at the Cohort is sure in the running.

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Curbside Classic: VW T4 Double Cab Pickup – The European Take On The Double Cab Diesel Pickup

I’ve been sitting on these shots of this VW T4 “Doka” (Double cab) pickup that I found three blocks from my house. But given Jason Shafer’s eloquent exposition in defensive of the really big American double cab diesel pickup, it seems appropriate to post this one today as something of a counterpart. And quite the contrast it makes: it has FWD (!), a tiny little diesel engine making somewhere between 60 and 100 hp (or so), it can’t tow 50′ semi-trailers with 40 head of cattle in it, and it certainly doesn’t exude any machismo. Yet somehow Europeans contractors and farmers and utilities have managed to survive (barely) with such an under-sized, under-powered pathetic little truck.

And here’s the really odd thing: the reason this truck with Polish plates is in my neighborhood is because the house it’s in front of is owned by a guy who makes his living buying tired old trucks like this from Europe and selling them for healthy profits to Americans who eagerly snap them up. What’s up with that?

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CC Global: 2017 DAF CF 460 FAX – All Beefed Up

Multiple specialists in the Netherlands upgrade factory truck chassis, like adding an axle and/or doing a rear tandem conversion. The whole idea is to increase the truck’s payload capacity without affecting the maneuverability. The Dutch legislation allows higher axle loads, thus higher gross vehicle weights, than most other European countries. Factory chassis simply do not meet all our demands, so here’s where the specialists come in.

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Wordless Outtake: The Least Obvious Canvas-Topped Lincoln Ever?