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Car Show Classics: Historic Winton Main Display Area

Picking which vehicle to start with from over 30 I photographed in this area was not easy, but this 1920’s Vauxhall was an obvious choice.  Old Pete made a reference to the early Vauxhalls having a good reputation, and this survivor is a good example of that.

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Cohort Outtake: The Long and the Short Of It, One More Time

Yes, a Smart and a Cadillac posing together isn’t exactly original, but with a ’62 Fleetwood 75? Probably not, so were going to add to the cyber collection of the genre, thanks to Nicky D, who shot these two in Fairfax. And just how much longer is the Fleetwood, as in multiples? Two and a half times as long? Three times? More? Looks can be deceiving.

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Automotive History: French Deadly Sins (Third Helping, part 1) – Berliet Dauphine 39: Collateral Damage

It’s been a while since our last European Deadly Sins series. And it so happens I’ve recently regained access to a few documents pertaining to the darker secrets of the automotive history of my birth country. So let’s grab a shovel, go to the French section of the Graveyard of Marques and examine today’s first corpse: Berliet.

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CC Capsule: 1952-53 GMC Pickup – New Design, Not Advance Design

Go looking online for information about the GMC version of the Advance Design trucks and you’ll come up with very little. For the Chevy you’ll find more than one list of year-over-year changes, but nothing remotely like it for the GMC. I found one source that talked about the GMCs separately, and it claims that GMC called these trucks “New Design.” Nobody cares; everybody lumps the GMCs and the Chevys under the Advance Design banner today. Read the rest of this entry »


CC Outtake: 1998 – or 2018?

I photographed this lineup yesterday morning, not 20 years ago. Individually or in small clusters, these rigs aren’t unusual in our town. But to find five in a row, uninterrupted by newer vehicles, and in a major community parking lot rather than an industrial area where old RV’s are unfortunately a common sight, was a lucky catch.

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Road Trip: Part 6 – A Coastal Ferry Cruise – 4,500km Road Trip on a 250cc Motorbike

Day five is ferry ride from Prince Rupert to Port Hardy on Vancouver Island. So a little short of curbside classics but lots of nice scenery.

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CC Rental Car Review: 2018 Kia Sedona SX – Comparing Apples And Oranges

I am currently spending time in a new Kia Sedona, courtesy of the manufacturer.  Yes, there is a story here.

I recently opened one of those Recall envelopes.  You can always tell them when they come, as distinguished from the envelopes that are trying to get you to trade in your current ride or to buy an extended warranty.  These recall notices are going to happen to every owner of a modern vehicle, so I was not really concerned.  What now, I wondered.  The last one had been for weatherstripping around the doors, but I figured with the car getting some age on it it might be for something a little more serious.

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Automotive History: 1980 Duesenberg – One Last Run at Exploiting a Hallowed Name

Duesenberg. The name brings back old Popular mechanics articles for me. In them, some comedian I’d never heard of before called Jay Leno would do a full page on how amazing these chrome-laden old cars were and how much powerful and better than any other car that was being built at that the time (’20s and ’30s). Way more powerful and faster too. I didn’t have the Internet back then, so I couldn’t quite figure out why they had disappeared if they had been so good. And even now that I’ve had the Internet for quite some time, I never knew that they had tried to revive the brand a couple of times. Let’s take a look at the latest of these to make the metal, all the way from 1979.

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Curbside Classic: 1989 Chrysler’s TC By Maserati – The (Deadly) Sin Of Pretentious Overreaching

(first posted in 2011)   You got to hand it to Lee Iacocca; he was given an utter basket case of a car company and one new K car. And just like a magician, he kept reaching into his hat for a solid decade, pulling out one new variation after another on a theme in the key of K. Would you believe this? Ah,…yeah. This? Maybe. How about this? Umm…And when he reached in one last time and pulled out the TC, everybody laughed. Which is not what Lee had in mind at all. Lee was given the hook, but we’ll always associate the TC with the sin of pretentious overreaching. Read the rest of this entry »


CC Caption Contest: Beached

Back in the early years here at CC we used to do Caption Contests. We stopped because Jim Cavanaugh always won (just kidding). But lets see what you all come up with for this one, and that includes you too, Jim! By the way, if it helps or makes a difference, that’s a 1963 Dodge.

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Auto-Biography: A Tiny House for Will – My Most Recent Building Project

It’s a tradition here for me to share with you my various building projects over the years. Last summer my younger son Will was moving back to Eugene, and needed a roof over his head. He really needed a place of his own, so I decided the best thing was for us to build him a little tiny house of sorts, located in the center of a cluster of eight rental houses. It had been an old storage shed from the 1940s and was rotting, so down it went and this went up, on its slab foundation (of sorts).

He moved in this spring just as the cherry trees were blooming.

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CC On the Go Outtake: Patina, or Just a Neglected Beater?

I spotted this mid-70’s B Body in traffic in my town last week, and was able to squeeze off a few shots through my windshield. What do do you think? A Curbside Classic, or just a neglected beater?

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Curbside Classics: Pair of 1989 & 1990 Volvo 780 Coupes – What Are The Odds I Was Driving A 2-Door Volvo When I Captured This?

Throughout the 1980s, Volvo was a very square automaker, in both the figurative and literal senses. Its 200 and 700 Series sedans and wagons were durable, comfortable, practical, and very square in their styling. While charming in their own conservative ways and a rational choice in European car, Volvos of this era were hardly the cars that turned many heads or stirred many emotions. Nevertheless, Volvo did have at least one vehicle in the 1980s that oozed sex appeal — the ultra low-production 780 coupe.

Most sources cite only 8,518 examples produced globally, though Volvo Bertone registry claims this number is 11,905 total, — either way, the odds of encountering two of them together are not favorable, and more so, what are the odds I did within minutes of getting behind the wheel of another 2-door Volvo for the first time ever?

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Future Curbside Classics: The Cars We’ll Be Photographing Later – Part 1


(first posted 13/3/2013)   This isn’t the kind of speculation one may find in the Future Classics column of Collectible Automobile. I am not arguing that any of these cars will become Barrett-Jackson trailer queens. Instead, I pose these as the cars us Curbside Classic car-nerds will be fussing over in 15-20 years’ time when we see one on the street. Not every Curbside Classic-er will like these cars now or like them in the future, but I am sure in 15-20 years’ time each of these will summon the kind of vigorous debate and historical analysis this site is known for. And I am sure this website will still be around then!

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Affordable Classic: 1984 Innocenti Minitre SE – Reboot with a Smaller Size

For various reasons the 1961 Pontiac Laurentian has now moved on to a new home so the next iteration of the Affordable Classic series needs a fresh, new subject. This time around I choose to jump right off the deep end with this 1984 Innocenti Minitre SE. In this segment we take a look at the car in as delivered condition before moving to repairs and history in subsequent segments.

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