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The following are mostly full-length features for passenger cars, CUVs and Minivans, and Jeep trucks, in this case. Pickups, SUVs, Fullsize Vans and all other trucks are archived in the “Trucks” Portal.  Buses are in their own Portal. For other cars covered at CC, use the “Search Curbside Classic” on the upper right side of the front page.


1954 Allard K2 (Capsule)

American Motors (incl. Nash, Rambler, but not Jeep)

Top 10 Obscure Special Editions and Forgotten Limited-Run Models: AMC Edition

1950 Nash Statesman Airflyte: Did Somebody Say Bathtub?

1953 Nash Statesman: AMC’s DNA  J.P. Cavanaugh

1957 Nash Ambassador  Jason Shafer

1957 Nash Metropolitan: Toy Cars Are For Kids

1957 Rambler Super: The Rambler Of Many Firsts  Dave Skinner

1957 Rambler Rebel: 1957’s Hottest Sedan  PN

1959 Rambler Custom Six: The Prophet

1961 American 220: The Hip Un-American

1961 Rambler Cross Country   Paul N

1961 Rambler Cross Country: The Ultimate Motel   Laurence Jones

1963 Rambler Classic 660: Ed Anderson’s Departing Farewell Is A Classic As Well As Motor Trend’s COTY

1963 Rambler Classic 770 Cross Country: The Last Great AMC Car?  Tom Klockau

1964 Rambler Classic 770 Coupe: A True Classic?

1964 Rambler Classic 770 Sedan: Miss LuAnn’s Ride

1965 Ambassador 880: Kenosha Cadillac?

1965 Rambler Marlin: The Rambler Classic Dons A Bad Wig  Paul Niedermeyer

1966 Ambassador 990 Convertible: Abernethy’s Asinine Assumption

1965 Rambler American 440 Sedan: One Of The “Sensible Spectaculars”

1967 Rambler Marlin: The Humpback Whale – AMC’s Deadly Sin #1

1967 Rambler Rebel SST convertible: Rambler Tries Flexing Its Muscles Again, Belatedly

1968 Ambassador   Jason Shafer

1968 Ambassador SST

1968 Rambler American 220: Plain White Wrapper  Tom Klockau

1969 Rambler 440 Station Wagon: The Last Rambler

1970 AMC Ambassador SST  Jason Shafer

1970 Hornet: Today Is The First Day Of The Rest Of Your Life  J P Cavanaugh

1971 Gremlin (1971 Small car Comparison #6)

1972 Hornet Gucci Sportabout: The First Fashion Designer-Mobile  Ed Niedermeyer 

1972 Javelin Pierre Cardin: No, Really…  J P Cavanaugh

1973 Javelin AMX: Right On Target   Joseph Dennis

1973 Matador Sedan: The Stench Of Death   Paul Niedermeyer

1974 Oleg Cassini Matador: That’s A Matador?!   Tom Klockau

1974 Hornet Sportabout: A Dorky Cupid Moment   Aaron65

1975 Pacer X: The Spacer

1976 Hornet Hatchback: AMC’s High Water Mark

My (Ex) Curbside Classic: 1976 AMC Pacer

1977 Gremlin: Pay 8% More And Get 13% Less Power And 33% Fewer Cylinders

1977 Gremlin: Purposely Contentious   Eric703

1977 Hornet AMX: The Long Slow Decline of the AMX

1977 Matador Wagon – Still Getting Groceries  Joseph Dennis

1978 Matador Barcelona Sedan: The Bullfighter Dies In Full Costume  J P Cavanaugh

1980 Eagle Wagon and Sedan: “What The Hell Is This?”

1981 Eagle SX/4: The Trickster

1981 Eagle SX/4 Series 50 – This Bird Has Earned Its Wings  Joseph Dennis

1981 Concord DL Coupe: The Underdog Learns One More New Trick

1981 Eagle Sedan: Kindertrauma   Perry Shoar

1984 Eagle Sedan: Back From The Future  Brendan Saur

Eagle And “New Look” GMC Buses Still Working on Mt. Hood  Paul N

Top 10 Obscure Special Editions and Forgotten Limited-Run Models: AMC Edition   William Stopford


1957 Aurora: Sins of the Father   Imperialist


SV-1: Safety Colorful


 1967 Marathon Station Wagon: The Ultimate Long-Life Vehicle Still Being Driven by Its Original Ownwers

 1967 Aerobus: Twelve Passengers, Eight Doors, Four On The Floor

Marathon: The Brooklyn Bruiser  William Stopford

 Checker History


 1936-37 810/812: Rolling Sculpture  J P Cavanaugh


Crosley: America’s Homegrown Kei Car   J. Nelson

 1951 Sedan Delivery: A Lot Of Pop In A Small Package


1974 Dale: Dollar for Dollar he Best Car Never Built   Imperialist


 Ahead To The Future


 1917 Electric Brougham: Charged Up For Another Century


1959 Edsel Eco Boost


 1940 Supercharged Sedan: Graham Jumps The Shark


1942 Hudson Six  Jason Shafer

 1946 Pickup: With A Surprise!

1950 Hudson Pacemaker: For Best Results, Use Daily   Jason Shafer

 1952 Hornet: A Victorious Dead End

 1954 Jet: A Torpedo In A Plain Beige Wrapper Or Hudson’s Deadly Sin #1    Mr. Edward Mann

 1956 Hornet: Waiting For Death In A Borrowed Four-Tone Suit

IKA (Industrias Kaiser Argentina)

1971 Torino 3800 – The Legendary Rambler European South American   PN

 Jeep (including trucks)

 1945 Willys Jeep MB: The Icon Of Freedom   PN

1948 Willys Jeep MB:  In The Beginning  J P Cavanaugh

1948 Willys Jeep MB Driving Impression  J P Cavanaugh

1946 Jeep Station Wagon: The First Modern Station Wagon and SUV   Paul N

 1947 Willys CJ-2A Jeep: The Universal

 1950 Jeepster: Another Brooks Stevens Beauty

 1951 Willys Truck: The Antidote To Modern Life   PN

1958 Jeep FC-150 Minivan Prototype and the Jeep FC-150 and FC-170 Forward Control Trucks  PN

 Jeep CJ-5    Robert Kim

 1965 Jeep Gladiator J2000 – Holy Toledo!  J P Cavanaugh

 1965 Gladiator J3000: The Truck of the Future  Paul N

 1967 and 1972 Jeepster Commando: Jeep Gets Stuck

1967 Jeepster Commando: Buick V6 and THM-400 To The Rescue   PN

 1967 Commando: Rough and Ready

 1979 Cherokee: I Love Bacon (CC Capsule)

 1982 Jeep DJ-5 Dispatcher: Still Delivering The Mail After 30 Years  Robert Kim

 1984 Cherokee: AMC’s Greatest Hit Thanks To Renault  Paul N

 1984-91 Wagoneer: Social Climber   William Stopford

 1986-1992 Jeep Comanche: It Coulda Been A Contender

 Commanche: The Case Of The Missing Extended Cab

1989 Grand Wagoneer   J P Cavanaugh

1994 Grand Cherokee Laredo: If It Sounds Too Good To Be True, Then It Probably Is (COAL) Brendan Saur

1995 Grand Cherokee Orvis Edition: Explorer Eddie Bauers Are Just So Ordinary  Brendan Saur

1999 Grand Cherokee Laredo: Rotor Eater (COAL)  Brendan Saur


 1953 Kaiser Manhattan

1953 Kaiser Dragon   Jason Shafer

1953 Henry J    Tom Klockau

1954 Special Club Sedan: Some First Car!

1954 Darrin    Tom Klockau

 Kit Cars/Vintage Fiberglass

 1967 Kellison Astra X-300 GT: Dreams Are Made Of Fiberglass

 197? Bradley GT: Lamborghini Dreamin’

 1976 Tri-Magnum Prototype: Now We Know What You Are


 1916 Luverne  Jason Shafer


 Manic GT History   David Saunders


 1931 Sixteen: Death With Dignity

Midget Motors

King Midget Model 3 (1957-1970)  Evan Reisner


Ostentatienne Opera Sedan   Paul N


 Gizmo: Eugene’s Own EV


 1937 Six: Prestige On The Installment Plan  J P Cavanaugh

 1937 Super Eight

 1946 Clipper Super: Farewell My Beastly Black Beauty

1948 Station Sedan (Woody Wagon)   PN

1951 Packard 200  (And Condensed Packard History)   Paul N

 1951 Packard 200: Too Many Memories (Curbside Fiction)

Packard Patrician:  Go East, Nice Woman (Curbside Fiction)  Jason Shafer

 1955 Four Hundred: Bravely Facing Forward

 1956 Patrician Sedan: Please Proceed To The Lifeboats  J P Cavanaugh

 1958 Hardtop: The Last Gasp

 1958 Packard Hawk: Last Flight of a Once-Proud Bird  Jana Lingo


1931 Model 43 Sedan   Tom Klockau


1947 Playboy: It Had A Short Life But It Gave Its Name To A Long-Running Enterprise  Jana Lingo


1903 Premier: The First OHC Hemi-head Engine and the Search For the Hemi-head’s True Father   PN


 1897 Riker Electric: Back To The Future


1952-1954 Allstate: The American Dream, As Sold Through A Sears Store   Nigel Tate

Siam Di Tella 

Hecho en Argentina  J. Grey


The Canadian Studebaker Plant: The Last Studebaker Ever Rolled Off The Lines Here   DougD

The Archives at the Studebaker National Museum  J P Cavanaugh

 1949 Landcruiser: Top Of The World  J P Cavanaugh

 1951 Starlight Coupe: Design Ananlysis

 1953 – 1954 Starliner Coupe: Star Light, Star Bright

 1955 President Speedster: Look What They’ve Done To The Starliner

1956 Golden Hawk   Tom Klockau

1956 Studebaker Hawk & 1980 Ford Thunderbird – Two Old, Blue Birds From Yesteryear Joseph Dennis

 1956 Studebaker President: Sadly Squared Up

 1957 Studebaker Scotsman: Discount Life Preserver

1957 Studebaker Commander: Eureka!  J P Cavanaugh

1959 Lark VIII Regal Hardtop Coupe: Studebaker’s Last Hurrah  PN

 1960 Lark Hardtop Coupe: South Bend’s Beater King  Jim Grey

Studebaker Champ Pickup:  The Last Trip in the Lion’s Den (Curbside Fiction)  Jason Shafer

1960 Hawk: Rock Bottom?  J P Cavanaugh

1960 Lark VIII Regal Convertible – Spring Chicken  Joseph Dennis

 1962 Gran Turismo Hawk: A Beautiful Death

 1962 Gran Turismo Hawk: Irrational Exuberance (Second Take by J P Cavanaugh)

 1963 Avanti: Flawed Brilliance      Paul N

1963 Avanti: Forward March  Joseph Dennis

 1963 Lark Wagonaire: A Real Vista For The Cruiser J P Cavanaugh

 1964 Cruiser: CC Capsule  J P Cavanaugh

1964 Challanger: This Challanger Never Had A Chance   J P Cavanaugh


1920 Willys Overland Four (Driving Impressions)   Wolfgang

1946 Jeep Station Wagon: The First Modern Station Wagon and SUV   Paul N

1953 Aero-Lark: The Failed Sneak Preview Of The Falcon, Lark and Other 1960 Compacts