CC Outtake: The Very Eclectic Driveway – With A Rare Audi V8, No Less

CC 248 001 1200

We like to change up our our daily urban hike routine for a little variety in scenery, automotive and otherwise. Heading up Crest Drive took us past this driveway, which is very occupied by a very eclectic collection of vehicles. The rather rare Audi V8 really caught my attention, and was the crowning touch.Β 

CC 248 006 1200

The V8 (1988-1993) was based on a lengthened D1 (Audi 5000/100), and was the first Audi to have a V8, initially a 3.6 L, and later a 4.3 L. It was Audi’s first push into the top league of the German luxury sedans, meaning S-Class and 7-Series. Needless to say, the V8 didn’t exactly take the world by storm, but then Audi has always had the long term picture in its viewfinder. Β The V8 was replaced by the Audi A8, which started to make more significant inroads.

The rest? I’ll let you comment.