The Mod Top: Introducing The Car You Wear

By 1969, flower power went mainstream…right up the Detroit River, even. Hoping to cash in on the latest fad, Chrysler unveiled one of the era’s more colorful options: The Mod Top–or more accurately, Pop Prints, since the treatment was not limited neither to the top nor to just one pattern or color. Get ready.

Here’s a ’69 Barracuda like the one shown in the ad. This car seems to make the rounds of the car shows; perhaps because it might be the only one with this particular combo.

Isn’t that cheerful?

Of course, there were several patterns; after all, your store wouldn’t have only one dress to sell.

Care to try on something in green?

If you were a bit too old for the flowered miniskirts in the Juniors Department, Plymouth’s Boutique also offered something for the more mature customer: the Fury Gran Coupe, with a slightly more subdued paisley-print top.

Here’s what it looked like close up. Given today’s interest in retro-’60s clothes and cars and such, I’m rather surprised no one’s tried it again. Perfect for a Chrysler 300.