F100 Journal: I’ve Removed The Transmission From My F100, Packed It In My Van, And I’m Off To Fresno To Swap It For A Replacement

It took a while, but I finally got the busted transmission out of my F100, and I’ve packed it up in my van and am taking down to legendary Turner’s Auto Wrecking in Fresno, CA where Jerry Turner has a healthy T85 waiting for me. So why am I taking mine down there?

Because the one he has has a cracked overdrive housing, and my overdrive unit is fine. So he’s going to swap the two, and send me on my way, all for $250.  What a deal. But I will make a point to nose around their yard, where some 700 vintage cars going back to 1928 are resting.

Here it is nestled in the strong wood box I built for it, which just fit perfectly under my bed in the van. yes, it’s securely anchored.

Removing the transmission was actually pretty easy. The biggest problem was finding a transmission jack. Harbor Freight was totally out, anywhere in the Northwest. But finally one popped up on CL, and it was a the nicer, higher capacity and more expensive one too. Score!

I’ve got some other things to do in Southern Oregon, so I won’t be back until Tuesday, maybe late. Daniel Stern is going to keep an eye on things while I’m gone. And then comes the somewhat more challenging part: installing it.