xBox Journal: Time To Flip The Valve And Drive Cool Without Air Conditioning

Our summer had some wicked heat earlier, and I had to resort to turning on the a/c in the xB quite a bit. But the temperatures have moderated lately, and when I bopped down to Cottage Grove on the I-5 the other day, there was no need, especially since the white xBox with its vertical windows stays relatively cool.

But when I hit the freeway and rolled up the windows, the air coming out of the vents was decidedly warmer than the outside air. of course it is, as the vent air goes through the blend box which includes the heater core. Then I remembered that I hadn’t flipped the valve I put on the heater hose a few years back.

I did that in Cottage Grove, and the difference on the way back was very significant. I was comfortable even though it was around 80 degrees. Of course our air is very dry, so that alone makes a difference, and my tolerance for heat is higher than average. I’m often surprised at how rarely I do turn on the a/c in the xB. And with only 103 hp, I can feel the difference quite readily when I do, and not just in the coolness of the air coming out the vents.