Mershon Grate Works Coal Burning Automobile – Rolling Coal At The Rate One Ton Per 1,750 Miles

Given that were appear to be heading into another energy crisis, it seems suitable to look at ways that folks dealt with high-priced or scarce gasoline in the past. This 1922 Stanley Steamer was converted to coal burning by the Mershon Patent Shaking Grate Works, Inc. in 1943, when gasoline was strictly rationed. It also got a mid-20’s Buick coupe body. The owner now just filled the coal bin at the back end of the car from his home coal bunker. According to the owner, the car consumed a bit over a pound of coal per mile, giving it a range of about 175miles on its 200 pound fuel capacity.

As to its emissions, smoke or otherwise, there was of course no mention. Rolling coal, the real stuff.

Lots of experience in making grates, including shaking ones, since 1830.

Here’s a story on it in the December 1943 Popular Mechanics.

More details.

And on the shaking grates.

Looks like this wasn’t the only one.