CC For Sale: 1994 Lincoln Town Car – $600 – What A Steal!

This car has been a fixture in my neighborhood for quite some years. It’s located on the same block as a cluster of my rentals, so I’ve been going by it for…too long. But hopefully, not much longer, as it’s for sale. And the asking price is a mere $600; what else can you get for that? Isn’t that just about its scrap value? You can’t go wrong with this, so please help us all out to get rid of this eyesore.

Oh my; did I just queer the deal?

Obviously, it’s sagging a bit in the back, but that’s just because the owner forgot to remove the stash of gold bars and silver coins. I promise not to say anything to them.

It’s just missing a few light lenses; easy-peasy fix.

And the venerable Lincoln hood ornament. Also an easy fix. I’m sure everything is perfect under the hood.

The interior is almost perfect; nothing a pair of tee shirt seat covers can’t take care of.

The back seat is pristine.

The seat back has been pulled forward to show that the foam is still in excellent condition.

Here it is; now whip out that phone so you don’t miss out on it.

One minor word of warning: if it’s a guy that answers it, he’s a bit…eccentric. I had to warn him to not follow a certain young female tenant to her door as she was coming home. That could be interpreted as stalking. There were a few other complaints about his odd behavior.

But if it’s a female voice, then it’s his mother, with whom he lives. In that case, she must have finally gotten him to let go of the old Lincoln sitting on the street for so many years.

Hopefully that’s not a body in the trunk weighing it down, and just a minor air leak. But no worries; it can all be taken care of.