1904-1909 Fiat 60 HP: The Tallest Production Passenger Car Ever

FIAT 60 hp_Tourer

(first posted 2/10/2013)     It’s common to associate Fiat with tiny Italian buzz-bombs. But Fiat was a pioneer in the early days of the automobile, and quite on the opposite end of the spectrum. In 1904, it introduced its huge 60 HP, which has the distinction of being the tallest production passenger car ever, at 100 inches (with the top up, presumably). It was powered by a 10,563 cc (645 cubic inch) four cylinder, rated at 60 hp, obviously. A later version had a 11,040 cc (674 cubic inch) V6, rated at 65 hp. The Fiat 60 HP was specifically designed for the lucrative export market, especially the US. But it appears that at least one made it to Japan, as this vintage postcard discovered there by Kjeld Duits makes quite obvious. So was she really driving, or is it posed? Here’s another shot, with a roof on it:

Fiat 60HP 1905

Oh; and the lowest production car? The Ford GT 40 (40 inches).

Ford gt40 mk-ii-chassis-1074