Curtis Perry Outtakes: Interiors

Curtis Perry has lumped some shots of car and truck interiors at the Cohort, so let’s take a look inside. I’ve always loved the way interiors deteriorate in old abandoned cars, since the materials used there age, deteriorate and dissipate so differently than the rest of the body. It’s like finding a corpse after a dissection: what’s left are just the bones and such. This Olds 88 is a prime example of that; about the only thing left is steel.

This ’69 Ford LTD is not quite as far along, and some new materials have joined the old.


A Mack B Series truck cab.



1957 Ford Ranchero.


An old Ford truck.

Another view of the LTD.



Truck cab.






Another ’69 Ford, this one a galaxy 500.


Lincoln Continental.