1930 Ford Model A Daily Driver – For One Year, Anyway

To follow up on the theme of unusual/exotic daily drivers, here’s a story about one Jonathan Klinger of Traverse City, Michigan who bought a 1930 Model A (for $11,000) and is making it his daily driver for one year. His goal was to bust the myth that really old cars like the Model A are just for parades and the like, and reliving a time when they were all daily drivers. And having driven it for 5,000 miles in the first four months, much of it in the winter, makes for some interesting challenges and improvising.

But to prove that he’s not totally living in the past, he’s writing up his experience on a daily blog, 365daysofa.com. Lots of great observations, including how the vertical windshield (and other windows) of the A never get ice and snow on them! Throw away the ice scrapers, but be ready to fix all kinds of little issues that pop up on a failry regular basis. But most of them can be fixed with household items, like the vacuum leak Mr. Klinger is fixing in the top picture with a sliver cut from of a wine bottle cork. And here is his Ford after a winter trip to the Detroit Auto Show, presumably not looking checking out the Fiesta as a possible replacement. He’s in the midst of making lots of good memories.