Grandma’s Pink Daily-Driver Lamborghini Espada

Now how’s this for busting the stereotype of the typical Lambo driver? But here’s the best part: Lorrie Stern used it as her daily driver for decades after her late husband bought it for her new in 1974. Actually, that was a condition of the gift. And with four kids, no less. I suspect she avoided drive-through restaurants. She said the trunk was no stranger to kids. Ms. Stern, why couldn’t you have been my mother? I obsessed on the Espada as a kid, and rightfully so. It was one of the most influential production cars of its time, which began in 1968. You can see a lot of Espada influence in a raft of cars right through the eighties. I touched on it here, but will do a full story on this milestone car soon.

Obviously, this  Espada, which first went pink in 1979,  has been a recipient of a nice restoration, but it’s still no stranger to kids, as her five grandchildren are regularly treated to the white leather interior, now in car seats though. If you want the full evidence (kids being buckled in) and the rest of this story, here’s the link to the NYT article.