1961 Buick LeSabre Hardtop Postscript: The Bubble’s Last Flight

Buick 1961 In_the_Cloudscomposite by Daniel M.

One of the very few frustrations left in my life is not knowing how to use Photoshop. Ideas pop in my head for various “What If” scenarios (especially in my dreams), but I can’t act on them. I bought a copy of PS a couple of years ago, but never found the time to get past the early hurdles; there’s just too many competing interests for my time. Fortunately, there have been a few CC PS angels along the way, the most recent being Daniel M., who did the Corvair Monza hardtop for me, as well as his own Shelby Dynasty Wagon.

As I was finishing up my ’61 LeSabre CC the night before it was to run, I suddenly saw the LeSabre flying high in the clouds, an obvious realization of the title of the post, “Harley Earl’s Bubbletop Has Its Last Flight”. It was too late for Daniel to do it then, and I made a feeble effort myself, which I gave up on way too late at night. But Daniel has now realized it, and I’ve added it to the post, where it belongs. But I wanted to share it with you, and give Daniel a shout-out for being my PS angel. Like so much of CC, I get by with a little help from my friends.

Off we go into the wild blue yonder...