2012 VW Beetle: Worth Stopping For On A Rainy Day?

If they had set a red or yellow one out front, with those shiny wheels, the answer would have been no. But this one, with those retro wheels, caught my eye, enough to pull over for a quick looksie. Sure evokes the general feel of the old Beetle infinitely better than the old New Beetle. Let’s compare it to the original too.

The profile is much better, although obviously not really the same. But from a distance, the cues were there, and the chrome strip on the running board is good, along with the wheels.

The front, not so much so. Unless Super Beetles were your thing, and you want a Super Duper Beetle. I know; with a front engine, somehow evoking the old Beetle’s graceful nose would be tough. Too tough?

Probably. But some folks like the Super Beetle better anyway.

The back end is pretty bland. Even the New Beetle has it beat(led). Oh well.

The New Beatle did have round tail lights, at least.

Now that was a good move. Wheels are important, and these base (but alloy) wheels work very well indeed.

The young salesperson asked if sitting in it reminded me of an old Beetle? Ever sat in one, kid?

Although it is a cheerful enough place, it doesn’t grab me as much as the Fiat 500’s dash and wheel. It was worth the time, but I need to run. Sorry, no test drive today.