Vintage Snow Cats, Snowmobiles And Other Oddities: In Case The Snow Plow Doesn’t Show Up

We just got our first significant snowfall in the mountains, and even down into hills around Eugene, so Old Man Winter is definitely knocking on the door. And in case you decide not to go for the Oshkosh Snow Thrower, the alternative is to travel over the snow. The America’s Miracle Museum in Polson Mt. we visited on the way to Glacier had a vast collection of snow machines of all sorts, which given their location is hardly surprising. So lets take a look at some of the options, as well as a few non-snow oddities that are everywhere in this eclectic collection.

This propeller driven one has a certain appeal. How do you brake? Throw it in reverse?

This Model A Ford was converted to a higher calling.

This one has the distinctive mountain goat logo of Glacier NP, which undoubtedly was a heavy user of snow cats.

I don’t know if there is an official snow-machine museum somewhere, but this place has a huge wall full of every possible make and model, from the earliest (on top) to the seventies. Amazing…who knew?

Like these with their reflective side stripes.

Here’s a real vintage thrower, the SNOGO, based on a Ford truck from the forties.

If snows not your thing, and would rather think about a nice warm summer day at the lake, here’s just part of their vintage outboard motor collection.

Or maybe you’re more into trains. Got them too. This Whitcomb is just right for a full-scale backyard layout.

Or if you’d rather just get away from it all, a little work on this Lockheed P-80 Shooting Star will have you winging it to Bora Bora in no time.