A Christmas Greeting From The Land of (Wild) Christmas Trees


Oregon Christmas tree farms supply much of the western part of the country with trees. And they’re certainly cheap enough here. But since it was a mostly dry day on Monday, we decided to pick up a $5 harvesting permit from the US Forest Service, and hunt for our own. It’s not quite as easy as one might expect, because the wild young ones are often clumped so close together that they’re anything but even. But after a drive deep into the woods, we found this one was growing alone, on a steep bank. And we came home with a nice harvest of hedgehog mushrooms too, perfect for Christmas dinner.

On behalf of all us of us at CC, I’d like to wish all of you a Merry Christmas or whatever seasonal holiday you may be celebrating. It’s very gratifying to be part of such a warm and collegial community of car (and plane, ship, bike, etc….) lovers. I’ll be taking a break from CC for a couple of days, so we’ll be posting some golden oldies. Cheers!