CC For Sale: 1967 Mercedes-Benz 230S – I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas


Merry Christmas or whatever it is that you’re celebrating right now. If you’re reading this around the time it will be posted, it’s 26°C (77°F) and there is not a single cloud in the sky to ruin the Christmas tan I’m working on. I understand that’s not the usual weather one associates with yuletide cheer, but you work with what you can. And anyway if I suddenly want to feel cool I just have to look at this Mercedes which somehow has found its way to my local Hyundai dealership.


I can imagine I’m not alone in wanting to have a little bit of snow of snow for Christmastime. The image of men in extremely large coats, snowball fights, snowmen and cars sliding all over the place because they don’t have winter tires has been ingrained in all of us that don’t really get “Winter” climate. Even after people that actually have been in a snowy season and tells us it’s mostly inconvenient and we are better off having mild weather all the time we’d still be glad to have a little personal experience with snow. At least for the brief period between it falling and every system in the city failing.

One part of the country that almost always looks like a barren winter wasteland are my local automotive classified ads. Page upon page of the same four million variants of RAV4,CR-V, Sportage, Corolla and everything else that’s unexciting now but will make great CC material in some years’ time. So imagine my surprise when these, a genuine bona-fide Heckflosse in what seems to be showroom condition comes right out of nowhere to liven things up a bit.


Not to bring anyone down in this time of merriment and spending time with the people you care about the most, but I don’t think that the story of this merc has been terribly happy lately. As with any car of this age that has terms like “Showroom condition” used to describe it, it was probably still on it’s original owner. I won’t try and speculate what happened to end what had to be a very strong bond between them, but the fact that it ended up on a Hyundai dealer leads me to believe that something like that Tucson behind it and to its left will be taking its place in the family garage.


Here’s the interior. Just as immaculate as the exterior. The listing says that this particular 230S is even fitted with air-conditioning and power steering. Do you really need anything more? Okay, a Stereo with MP3 compatibility would be a nice touch, but unless you could get a new Becker Mexico it would completely spoil the dashboard. The price is set a very reasonable L.220,000 (Around $11,000). Would it be too much to ask to find it parked near my tree with a pretty red bow like on those cheesy Lexus commercials?  I promise I’ll be a very good boy and I’ll rent a garage to keep it safe and away from the nasty influence of U.V rays. Look at the poor thing, who knows what the next owner is bound to do to it?