A Return Visit To The Former Official CC Sales Lot – The Special of the Day: 1973 Toyota Corona

CC 223 097 950

Three years ago, I revealed Paul’s Official CC Sales Lot to the select few early CC adopters.  It was how I intended to subsidize the web site back then, selling some of the cars that I found on my haunts that in one way or another, I was able to spirit off to my lot. The idea was to use CC as a way to promote the business, and get folks across the country to fly into Eugene one way, and send them driving back home behind the wheel of one of our fine Eugeneian classics, preserved by our magic healing rain in a state of suspended perpetual youth.

Well, it didn’t quite work out like I’d hoped; there were some issues about how I acquired some of the cars, and then there were the folks who never made it home, never mind past the city limits. Questions were raised about whether using the name “dePaul’s” was misleading, and….never mind. But that’s all in the past. Thanks to all your diligent ad-clicking, I now make so much money from those Google ads that I’ve paid off all the last of the legal bills and settlements, and I’m rolling in the dough and can’t be bothered with such complications anymore. So I turned over the lot to St. Vinnies, which is a legitimate charity. It’s been a bit painful, but after three years, I was ready to go back and take a look around. Y’all wanna join me?

CC 223 096 950

After Jerry copped that pristine ’72 LTD here for $995, and then sold it off to Germany for four times that amount, I figured it might pay to drop in once in a while. Now I’m in a bit of a hurry today, so I’m gonna walk around briskly, and given the audience here, I don’t need to identify every car. But let’s see what catches our attention.  Nice Dodge truck.

CC 223 095 950

There’s some serious variety here.  Let’s take a closer look.

CC 223 107 950

But let’s start at the other end. Now these cars have all been donated, which means they likely have certain weaknesses that have made themselves known in such a way that their owners decided it wasn’t worth messing with them any more. Might this Chrysler have the ill-fated 2.7 V6?

CC 223 108 950

Here’s a sweet 190E; Perry and Calibrick can fight over it. Asking price: $1995. But there’s always plenty of wriggle room here, especially if you can point out the obvious defects. Not that this car has any; it’s a Mercedes, you know.

CC 223 109 950

How’s this for two disparate Ford faces from the nineties? Man, those Taurus fish-faces don’t get any better with age either. But that Jag looks compelling.

CC 223 110 950

Yowza! $5995; I didn’t know their signs went up that high. Makes the CC Project XJ6 look like quite the sweet deal. Of course, this one is undoubtedly in perfect condition.

CC 223 112 950

I don’t know about those wheels, though.

CC 223 098 950

A T-Bird with a bra; how quaint is that? And a red Klockau DeVille.

CC 223 099 950

I sat in the Volvo wagon, just to remind me how much I liked them. It felt smaller than I remembered; cars have grown so much. Anybody for a 740i? I’m sure whatever’s not quite right with it will be an easy fix.

CC 223 106 950

It wouldn’t be right not to have a genuine Brougham on the lot. $1595; uh oh, I just noticed the far side front fender has had a bit of damage.

CC 223 105 950

Not just any brougham either, but a Regency Brougham. And with leather interior; well, not having velour might put some of you Broughamophiles off.

CC 223 104 950

A handsome barge.

CC 223 114 950

That T-Bird isn’t a genuine SC, is it? Don’t think so…

CC 223 094 950

Let’s head on over to the side lot, where the more colorful stuff tends to hang out. A matching brace of Yamaha snowmobiles: $595. Is that for each or both?

CC 223 091 950

Oooh; a Prelude. Too bad it’s an automatic.

CC 223 092 950

I didn’t notice at the time, but with those alloys, is that a genuine Touring Sedan? Maybe not…but that is a genuine Mercury Topaz.

CC 223 093 950

Don’t ask why, but for some reason I feel compelled to pop the hood on it. Here’s what two-thirds of a Falcon six looks like, with fuel injection.

CC 223 088 950

What could possibly go wrong with an Audi? The cars on the side lot are the ones that either didn’t sell up front, or aren’t expected to. Take your pick.

CC 223 074 950

And what’s hiding behind the Dodge truck? No less than a 1973 Toyota Corona. Oh no; I know this car! I shot it at Jerry’s a year or two ago, and never wrote it up.

CC 131 007 950

Here it is, back then. A young kid, maybe eighteen, was driving it, and we spoke for a while. I’ve forgotten the details, but he picked it up somewhere and was having fun driving it around. And I saw it several more times on the streets, until about six months or so ago. Well, I guess he wore it out. It’s hard to imagine him taking advantage of the tax deduction, though.

CC 223 076 950

Hmm; the radiator cap is off, and it looks dry in there. A blown head gasket, perhaps? This is the 18R-C engine, the first in a very long line of legendary SOHC fours by Toyota. How many tens of millions did they make over the decades? The Japanese Chevy small block.

CC 223 082 950

I remembered this being an automatic, and by this time, it was a three-speed, not the two-speed Toyoglide of earlier times. Talk about cozy in here; I remember half a dozen of us piling into one of these back in 1975.

CC 223 086 950

Here’s what a vintage Toyota dashboard looks like.

CC 223 085 950

The odometer was just turning all of its digits when it gave up the ghost. At first glance I thought it might be 99999, but it’s 69999. How many times has it turned completely over?

CC 223 073 950

We’re near the end of the line here, but there’s still a couple of gems left. Like this fine un-gelded Versailles, with its rear axle still intact.

CC 223 072 950

And a couple of classic Eugene-mobiles. Looks like the car between them recently left, as there’s no grass growing there. Under it’s own power? Not too likely.

So who wants what? I’ve got dibs on the Topaz.

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