Black Car Day Question: Do You Like Black Cars?

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There’s no question that black can look really classy, on the right car. Obviously, this isn’t one of them, and if I was to drive a Smart, I’d prefer it to be a bit more visible. Which is one of my several peeves with black cars.

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Yes, this is one of the cars that perhaps looks best in black, and I might be tempted to break my white spell for one. Seriously; every car I’ve bought for myself has been white: ’62 Corvair, ’63 Beetle, ’64 Beetle, ’68 Peugeot 404, ’86 MBZ 300E, and my Xb. So I guess I’ve made my preference obvious.

Xb 2007  800

But black is hot. In the summer, I rarely use the A/C in my Xb, because it sits in the driveway with the windows open, and stays cool. And I prefer bopping about town with the windows open. Admittedly, our summers are a bit cooler than average, but getting into Stephanie’s dark green Forester is a huge difference. Whew; turn on the AC!

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Maybe it’s because I was traumatized by our black ’62 Fairlane, which also had clear plastic seat covers. I still have scars on the backs of my thighs from getting peeled off those seats on a hot Iowa day. Plus, our Fairlane was a stripper version, and black stripper sedans back then just screamed “cheapskate”!

So I obviously have no objectivity on the issue. What about you?