Black Car Day Outtake: Subaru Brat (gen1) – Are You Too Chicken To Ride Back There?

CC 200 027 900

I know there’s a couple of gen1 Brats around, but I could never catch one in town. Eventually, I shot one at a trail head out at the coast, and did a full CC on it. But then this little black Brat passed me on the right (natch), and made a brisk right turn on Willamette. No passengers in the back seat, sadly. Now that would make a good shot.  Just in case anyone forgot, those seats are there because it was a way to get around the 25% “Chicken tax”, since there was no way to send these stateside without their integral unibody beds. So turn it into a passenger car!

CC 200 028 900

There he goes, showing of the Subie’s cornering prowess. And it still has the original BRAT stripe and name on its flanks. But the bumper seems to have been replaced by a piece of Schedule 40 PVC sewer pipe. Fitting, somehow.