Bristol Cars Finds A New Owner: Range-Extending Hybrid To Replace Its Chrysler 360 V8?

We’re not a news blog, usually. But Bristol Cars is one of those exceptions, seeing how they’ve been perpetually building new Curbside Classics since 1947 (this one above from 1966). The closest thing we’ve seen in this country is the Avanti II, but for a number of reasons, that didn’t work out as well as the perpetual slo-mo evolution of the Bristol.

Anyway, Bristol finally hit the skids earlier this year, and went into receivership. The Telegraph is reporting that Bristol has been acquired by Kamkorp Autokraft, part of the Frazer-Nash group. That got my attention, since Frazer-Nash used Bristol’s BMW 328-derived engines in its post-war sports cars.

I didn’t even realize that the F-N name still existed, now part of the Swiss-owned Kamkorp Autokraft. Their focus now is on developing a series hybrid architecture that can be applied to a range of different vehicles, from the range-extended FN Namir sports car that hit187 mph to light rail vehicles. How Bristol fits in all of this will remain to be seen.

According to Kamkorp: “Over the next few months we will start to reveal the details of our plans to combine Bristol Cars’ tradition and iconic marque with Frazer-Nash’s pioneering technology to showcase our cutting-edge electric and range-extended powertrains.” Sounds like the end of the road for the Bristol’s hoary old Chrysler 360 (5.9 L) V8.