The Latest Greatest From The CC Cohort

It’s way overdue to pay our respects to the CC Cohort that keeps posting terrific new CC shots from around the world. Please do pay the Flickr site a visit, and keep them coming. We’ll start with this Chevelle Laguna Type S-3 (what where they smoking?).

We’ve all been bemoaning the scarcity of Colonnades on the street, but it’s been eons since I’ve seen one of the legendary Lagunas. It was the classic case of Chevy aping Pontiac: when Pontiac did the new smaller ’69 GP, Chevy had to have a version (’70 Monte Carlo). And when Pontiac developed the sof tnose for the ’73 Grand Am, Chevy had to have its version: the Laguna Type S-3. It was a flop, not surprisingly.

Here’s a 1956 Studebaker Powerhawk, the first year of the Hawks. The Powerhawk was the mid-level, with the smaller 259 CID V8. The Flight Hawk had the six, and the Silver Hawk got the new 289 V8. Nice catch, by carnivalofsorts13.

And another car that’s getting very hard to find; a 1975 Chrysler New Yorker. This regally handsome shot by dave_7.

And bringing up the rear, literally, a delightfully plump ’53 Chevy Bel Air, by Davo.

Thanks for a fun romp through all the fab shots. I tend to pick ones of cars I haven’t yet found, but keep them coming.