Car Carrier Classics: CCI “Skyscraper” Carrier, Prototype and Production Versions – The Craziest Car Carrier Ever?

A little while back I showed you a FWD car carrier with stylistic elements by Brooks Stevens that was rather unusual. Its FWD and other elements were specifically designed to create a car carrier capable of hauling five cars in a number of Midwest states that had very restrictive maximum length regulations. It wasn’t the only one. Here’s another approach, and a pretty wild one at that. It’s the prototype built by Whitehead & Kales in around 1950, which lifted the cab up from the rest of the Dodge truck to make room for one of the cars. They even took a patent out on it, #2,647,009. I bet it looked pretty strange from a head-on view from opposing traffic.

If you’re hoping the actual production version looks a lot better, you might be disappointed.


Here’s the “Skyscraper”, also built by W&K. Same basic principle, but the cab at least appears to be somewhat connected to the truck.

And this one wasn’t the only company that tried something along these lines. Stay tuned.

Now does this make the Brooks Stevens one look better?