Car Carrier of the Day: Ford Super Duty Hauling Subaru 360s – The Only Time When The Truck Had More Horsepower Than The Full Load Of Cars

When I saw this load of Subaru 360s being hauled by a Ford Super Duty, the thought that came to mind was: Is this the only car carrier shot I’ve found so far where the combined horsepower of the full load was less than the that of the truck hauling it?

I guessed so, but I had to do the arithmetic to be sure.

The Subaru 360 was rated at 20, and later 25 hp. If we give these these benefit of the doubt, nine of them combined  make 225 hp. I don’t know which SD engine is under the Ford’s hood, but it turns out not to matter, as the smallest of them, the 401, still beats them by…one hp, given its 226 hp rating. If it’s the 477, it has 253 hp, and the mighty 534 packed a 266 hp punch.

I suppose there might have been instances when the same thing happened with a load of of Isettas (13 hp each) or such, but then truck in the 1950s were generally less powerful too. And I can’t find any pictures of them.