Car Carrier of the Day: The Legendary Dodge Big Horn – One Of Only 261 Ever Built

The Dodge Big Horn’s legendary status is even bigger than the actual truck. It was Dodge’s last attempt at building a big Class 8 conventional tractor, and only 261 were built between 1973 and 1975, when Dodge abandoned the big truck market. And remarkably, some 105-110 of them are still accounted for, which has to be some kind of record for a vintage truck.

Here’s a couple more:

This very impressive West Coast rig was even updated with rectangular headlights and was still plying the highways well into the ’80s or longer.  Keep in mind that the actual cab dates back to 1955, when the wrap-around windshield was added. And that cab was just an update of one that goes back to the first post-war Dodge cab of 1948. So yes, it looks a bit small in relation to the rest of the truck, which undoubtedly is one of its unique features, and has the effect of making the truck look that much larger than it really is.


The standard engine in these was a Cummins 250, but a wide range of other Cummins, all the way to a 350 hp NCT was also available, as well as the DD 8-71, either in Normal or Turbocharged form.