Cars From the Movie “Mood Indigo”: The Peugeot 40404 and 40104, and a Few More

lark4dr posted this double-ender Peugeot 40404 wagon at the Cohort, with a link to hemmings that has the story on it and a few more below. They’re just two of a number of Peugeots constructed for the 2014 French film “Mood Indigo”. Now I’m going to have to see it for myself.

This is what I call the 40104, which features a 404’s rear end as the front end.

One of the odder ones is this Cadillac stretch limo with a 404 front end. And it has Peugeot badging, and for a reason. Peugeot had product placement rights, and actually built all of the cars in the film.

Here’s a few more, but obviously they’re not all Peugeots.

And here’s a couple of trailers to give you an idea of what director Michel Gondry envisioned: