Vintage Car Carrier: Chevy Hauling 1962 Pontiacs, Including A GP With 8-Lug Wheels

When I ran across this, I thought: Nice load of ’62 Pontiacs; wonder if there’s a GP with 8-lug wheels aboard? I zoomed in and sure enough, the white two door coupe is a GP and it’s sporting those iconic 8-lug wheels. Strictly speaking, they’re alloy hubs/brake drums, with a steel wheel attached with eight lug nuts.

Here’s a close-up of one:

These are another of so many engineering advances instigated by the dynamic duo of “Bunkie” Knudson and John Z. DeLorean. They were unhappy with the typical mediocre drum brakes, and did something about it.

They didn’t exactly invent the concept; GM’s 1953 Firebird had something similar, although with five lugs.

In France, the Panhard had been using the same principle for some time, going back to 1948. And there may have been others too.

These 8 brake/wheels were first offered mid-year 1960, and there were some changes through the years, including a black-painted drum (before the fins were machined) starting in 1965. They were last available in 1968, due to the growing popularity of disc brakes. That’s the one downside of discs: no more splendid 8-lug Pontiac wheels.