Cohort Pic(k) of the Day: Suzuki X-90 – A Cross Between A Miata And A 4Runner – I Want One!

posted by RiveraNotario

Stephanie and I saw one of these recently near Port Orford, and it hit me then: this would have been a perfect car for my recent EXBRO off-road trip instead of my Tracker, which is of course a Suziki too, and closely related to the X-90. Well, there wouldn’t have been room to sleep inside, but its goofy looks more than makes up for that. Isn’t that why we buy cars, for their looks? The goofier, the better, for me anyway.

It’s perfect: a cross between a Miata and a…4Runner. Suzuki was just ahead of its time; nobody wants low cars anymore, and something like this might do much better now than flopping, which is what the x-90 did.

The X-90 was built from 1996-1998, although some were still on the dealer lots for a year or two past that. Some 7,205 were sold in the US in MY 1996, then only 2,087 in ’97 and 477 in ’98, and that’s after a 25% price drop.

I didn’t realize the numbers were that small. This is undoubtedly a future collectible. If I see one for sale, I’m buying it. Oh wait; there’s no room in the back for the dog.