Vintage Car Carrier: Convoy Home-Built Ford COE With a Load of Thunderbirds

The CCI “Skyscraper” wasn’t the only home-brew tall-boy car carrier tractor. Portland, OR based Convoy, a major player in the West and a very innovative one, not only had their own in-house trailer builder (Westland), but also built a number of these tall COE trucks. They started out as early ’50s Fords, as the cab makes known, but had their constituent parts rearranged. This was of course to make room for two cars on the tractor, for a total of six. Why they didn’t just use a Freightliner or such is a good question, but then Convoy did things a bit differently, and very well; they knew what they were doing.

Back then, cars built in California were shipped via sea to Seattle and Portland, and Convoy then distributed them to all of the greater Northwest. But was the T-Bird built in CA too? Maybe in this case, they were sent out via rail, and the then Convoy took over. In any case, it’s not the typical load or tractor.