Car Show Capsule – 1963 Ford Country Sedan – Di-Noc Free

Here in NW Illinois, we are getting our January weather late – as I left for work this morning (March 20), it was fourteen degrees out. On the official first day of spring. Curses! It seems like a long, long time until I can check out some car shows and cruise-ins in hospitable weather, so I decided to share this ’63 Country Sedan from last September.

As most CCers know, station wagons tend to live hard lives and are not usually saved for posterity. Of those few lucky longroofs, the flossier fake-wood-sided models like Town & Countrys, Colony Parks and Country Squires are more likely to make the cut. So I was impressed upon sighting this mid-line Country Sedan at the Hooters car show–where the ’65 Colony Park and matching Airstream were just a few rows over.

While it does sport late-model Ranger alloys and modern rubber, it was remarkably original otherwise. I also dug the black paint and red interior–very attractive colors for a wagon. Weren’t most of these light blue, white or tan?

The Country Sedan was one step below the full-boat Country Squire, and was available in $2938 six-passenger and $3042 nine-passenger versions. Those MSRPs are for the V8 model; with a six the sticker dropped to $2829 and $2933, respectively.

Production was not broken down by engine, but a grand total of 64,954 six-passenger and 22,250 nine-passenger Country Sedans were produced that year. Who knows how many have survived to 2013? One thing is certain: This is the only one I’ve seen so far!