Auction Classic Capsule: 1969 Kaiser Jeepster Commando – It’s Screaming Yellow, But It’s No Zonker


Kaiser in its various corporate guises produced vehicles for 22 years – cars just the first seven of them. Thanks to their purchase of Willys-Overland in 1953, however, they made Jeeps until the very end. This is one of those final-year Jeeps, a yellow Jeepster Commando that rolled before an auctioneer at the 2011 Mecum Spring Classic here in Indianapolis.


As the front window proclaims, this one is powered by a Dauntless V6, which Kaiser was making from tooling they bought from Buick. This one looks rather silly in its whitewall all-season tires.


Unlike most of the cars you see at the Mecum auction, this one wasn’t restored to within an inch of its life. Instead, it was restored to only within maybe five or six inches of its life, with plenty of little detail problems like the scratches, bubbles, and rust spots you see in this photo. Or could this one be a survivor?

For a he-man’s Jeepster Commando, see this CC Capsule from a few months ago.