Car Show Classics: Opels By General Motors – Ranking From Corsa To Admiral

A wide and wild variety of car models, body styles, engines and colors. That’s what you get when visiting a classic Opel car show, even in the parking lot behind the main event. All Kadett generations have already took the stage in my previous article, so here’s the rest of the ol’ Rüsselheimers.

1977 Manta B 1.9 S with some extra body parts.

1984 Corsa A 1.2 S. The Corsa was introduced in 1982 and competed with the Ford Fiesta, VW Polo, Renault 5, Peugeot 205, and the like.

1972 Admiral B, 1969-1977 second generation Big Opel KAD-series, as in Kapitän-Admiral-Diplomat. The Diplomat B, the series’ top model, was easily recognizable by its vertical headlights. And by the sound when it had the optional Chevy 327 under its hood.

1979 Commodore C 2.5 S. It appears to be a daily driver, or at least a frequent one.

1983 Manta B “i200”. This must be a replica/tribute, as the i200 by tuning house Irmscher was introduced in 1984. According to its registration, it does have a 125 DIN-hp 2.0 liter engine though, just like the real McCoy.

1968 Commodore A GS. Sehr Schön!

1977 Diplomat B. In July 1976, the Admiral with its 2.8 liter inline-six was renamed Diplomat. It kept the Admiral’s face with the horizontal headlights though, as seen here.

1970 Manta A.

1974 Chevrolet Vega Ascona A two-door wagon with a 2.0 liter engine.

1982 Commodore C 2.5 E wagon. First owner car!

1969 GT, the mini Corvette.

1999 Corsa B, 1.6 liter engine.

1971 Manta A.

1962 Kapitän De Luxe (P 2.6 series).

1976 Manta B 1.9 S Automatic.

1991 Corsa A 1.6 GSi, 98 DIN-hp, Opel’s little hot hatch in those days.

1981 Rekord E1 2.0 S. This fine example -a trailer queen it ain’t- has the hood of a Rekord diesel (the diesels were OHC designs, so they were taller) and possibly also its right front fender…

1996 Combo B, a panel van clearly based on the Corsa B. Unsurprisingly, the current Combo is a rebadged PSA product.

1982 Monza A2 3.0 E. From 1978 to 1986, the Monza was the coupe version of the contemporary Senator four-door sedan, based on the Rekord E.

1973 Manta A.

1985 Corsa A 1.0 S.

1995 Calibra 2.0 i 16v. The front-wheel drive Calibra was offered from 1989 to 1997 and was based on the Vectra A (introduced in 1988). The top model was the all-wheel drive Calibra 2.0 i 16v Turbo (204 DIN-hp) with a six speed manual transmission.

1965 Kapitän A (1964-1968 first gen KAD-series).

1958 Olympia Rekord, P1-series.

1985 Monza A2 GSE (3.0 liter CIH inline-six, fuel injection, 180 DIN-hp).

1955 Kapitän. The Kapitän model name goes back to 1938.

1963 Rekord A, the starting point of the Rekord A to E2-series from 1963 to 1986.

And that’s the back end of this event. Classic Opel shows always deliver!

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