Car Show Outtake: Opel Monza – The Other, Other Monza

Opel Monza

(first posted 6/7/2013)     When we think of Monza, it’s likely either the Corvair or the Vega-offshoot. But there’s a third (are there more?) GM coupe that bore that name, and our man in the UK, Roger Carr, found this example at a car show somewhere there. Except for the name and the fastback roof, there’s nothing in common to the other two.

The Monza was the coupe version of the Opel Senator, also badged the Vauxhall Royalé (and Coupe), in the first few years. These appeared first in 1978, and lasted through 1986, as a facelifted version. The Opel Senator eventually supplanted the Royalé in the UK, so one might expect to find both versions.

Opel Monza1

Roger didn’t get a shot of its tail, so I’ll borrow this from wikipedia. Looks rather familiar, eh? Like a cross between the H-Body Monza and the J-Body coupes.

Monzas came with the usual wide range of engines, from the 115 hp 2.0 L four to the hot 180 hp 3.0 L inline six (in the hi-po GSE version). Just in case it’s not obvious, these are RWD cars, with independent rear suspension. A better Monza, one might say.