CC Capsule: 1979 Pontiac Bonneville – A Doppelgänger If I’ve Ever Seen One

Of all the 1977-1990 GM B-bodies, from a brand perspective, the Pontiacs are the rarest. Never as popular as their Chevrolet, Oldsmobile, and Buick cousins, the B-body Pontiacs had the smallest annual production totals, leading to their hiatus from the U.S. market for 1982 and most of 1983. Despite their proportional rarity, is it merely coincidence that I keep encountering silver Pontiac B-bodies?

Just as a refresh, back in 2015 I came across this well-kept 1985 Parisienne Brougham at a car show. Call it a born-again-Brougham, the Parisienne Brougham was car sporting overwrought styling trimmings fast becoming dated and blasé.

In 2016, I stumbled upon this well-worn out silver 1978 Bonneville in an underground parking garage in downtown Boston. I was even skeptical to whether or not it was even in up and running condition.

Yet having parked in the same garage several times since then, I’ve came across it again in the very same spot, and as of February 2018 it sports an up to date inspection sticker indicating it is indeed mechanically running and up to Massachusetts safety and emissions standards.

Most recently, I came up behind this very similar silver 1979 Bonneville on Route 3. Being driven rather erratically if I might add, making me question its driver’s state of being, it surely caught my attention as for a moment I thought it was the same ’78 from Boston.

That one of course had green Massachusetts plates and this one’s taillight clusters date it as a ’79. Nevertheless, I seem to have a likelihood for coming across silver 1977-1986 B-body Pontiacs. When will the next one cross my path?

Photographed: Hanover, Massachusetts – September 2018

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