Car Show Day #3: The Studebakers

Canadiancatgreen’s car show download at the Cohort includes some very fine Studebakers. It’s past bedtime here, and I’m being kicked off the computer, but maybe Jim will jump in and ID the year and model of these gems. [And so I shall – like this one-year-only 1952 Starliner hardtop.]

1963 Gran Turismo Hawk (with 1966 Chrysler wheelcovers)


1964 Daytona convertible – one of 702 built.


1957 Champion Custom.


A Packardbaker [a 1958]

[1951 Champion 2 door sedan.]

1953 or 54 Commander Starlight. More Mopar wheel decor.

1964 Daytona sedan


[The year of this truck is anyone’s guess, but certainly some time between 1949 and 1964.]

[Another mystery car – the trunk lid and lack of fins says 1956 Flight or Power Hawk but parts have a way of moving from one car to another among the Studebaker faithful.]

Not a genuine Stude, but there’s some in the background