Car Show Outtake: 1967 Olds Cutlass Convertible With A Six And Three Speed Column Shift

CC reader John Kelly sent me these pictures of a rare original 1967 Olds Cutlass convertible with a six and three speed manual transmission he found at a car show Plymouth, MA. Somebody thrifty wanted a bit of style.

Here it is, the “Oldsmobile Actionline Six”, with 250 cubic inches and 155 hp. It was of course a Chevy engine, proudly painted Olds Rocket Gold, and relabeled. And no one complained about a Chevy six masquerading as an Olds engine, unlike they did in 1977.  Looks like the original buyer sprung for power brakes and power steering.

Here’s the column shifter and clutch pedal, for proof it’s not the Jetaway automatic that undoubtedly was in the overwhelming majority of these.

Rear view.

And one more.

Before anyone makes a comment about what a slug this must be,  although I can’t readily find a vintage review of a 250 powered manual shift car, the heavier ’66 Bel Air with the 250 six and Powerglide did the 0-60 in a decent 15.5 seconds, and a Chevy II with the 230 six and PG did it in 14.0 seconds. So I’m estimating this would do it in about 14 seconds, or maybe less.  Not too shabby, actually.