Reminder: The El Camino 60th Anniversary Event – Dallas, Texas, Saturday, October 12

It may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but you should have no problem spotting it.

This week, I’ve been preparing the El Kylemino for the upcoming El Camino 60th Anniversary celebration, keeping me too busy to post. As this picture shows, I’ve made a few appearance changes since you last saw the Kylemino.

Wednesday night I’m headed out, and plan to arrive in Big D Friday afternoon. For anyone in the Dallas area who wants to see several hundred El Caminos (and the occasional GMC Sprint), here’s the hotel address and site plan:

The hotel must be near the Ballpark- The EL Kylemino is a 1987, so I’ll park in the 5th Gen lot (1978-87).

Near as I can tell, there will be over 150 cars participating, so it sounds like a fun time. However, I’m just a simple participant, NOT one of the event organizers, so I don’t have access to inside information and can offer no guarantees.

I’ll be around all day Saturday. If find the El Kylemino and don’t see me, look for my phone number on the dash. Send a text, and I’ll head on over. I will, of course, take pictures throughout the day, with an eye out for trucks worthy of Curbside Classic, ideally a model packing a 6 cylinder with three on the tree. D/S