CC at Three: Contributor Appreciation Day – You’re Our Valentines

Valentines-day-car-tracksimage credit: lovestruck94

Most web sites don’t typically celebrate their birthdays, but we’ve started a bit of a tradition at CC, in that we use the occasion to express our heartfelt-thanks to our ever-expanding corps of CC Contributors. CC is a collaborative undertaking, and the wide variety of voices are a key part of what makes CC unique and successful (up 78% over this time last year).

Contributing to CC is an act of generosity, so what better day to acknowledge these acts of love and Brougham-ance then on Valentine’s Day? In addition to the regulars and lots of new occasional writers,we’ve been graced with the addition of several new regular Contributors this past year that have brought new depth and dimension. So let’s see if we can squeeze everyone in here for a name if not a picture:



Stanislov A.

Richard Bennett


Jeremiah Birnbaum

Mike Butts

Dawid Botha



Roger Carr

JP Cavanaugh


Carlo DiTullio

Vanilla Dude

Doug Frechette

Mike George

Chris Green


Jim Grey


Yuri Goliak


Robert Kim

Jim Klein

Tom Klockau

Tony LaHood

Jana Lingo

Mr. Edward Mann

PJ McCombs

Scott McPherson

Kevin Martin

Juan Augustin Romero Melchor

Actually Mike


Len Peters

Alan Petrillo

Charles Platt

David Saunders

Jason Shafer

Perry Shoar

Adam Simpson

Dave Skinner

Edward Snitkoff

Ed Stembridge


Gonzalo Tampier

Brendan Saur

Stainsey Stainselstein

William Stopford

Keith Thelen

Richard Wayman

And a special shout-out to all the CC Cohort posters!

Did I miss anyone? Undoubtedly so. And of course there were a substantial number of one-time Contributors, whose names would take me hours to dig up. Stand up if you would please and take a bow.


Now if you’d like to join this august group of esteemed CC automotive historians, we always welcome new submissions. We now have a “Submissions” link on the top Menu bar, which includes all the information you need. We don’t guarantee absolutely everything will be published, but if you have an interesting story to tell, or a car to write up, or anything else that fall under our big tent, send it in. In particular, we’d like to hear from those folks that have lived with the same car for 20, 30 or more years. Now that’s got to be a story worth sharing.